Most Important Benefits of New Siding

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New home siding really is the ultimate marriage of style and practicality. Nothing can transform your curb appeal like clean and colorful siding. At the same time, old siding can conceal a ton of problems that, if left alone, can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars to repair. If you’re considering upgrading your siding (or trying to convince your spouse) — there are more benefits to new siding than most people think.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re the home improvement company that works to make your home beautiful and better protected against the elements. New siding goes a long way towards accomplishing both of those goals. Read our blog to discover the 5 most important benefits of new siding installation — plus, you can check out the best house siding options and the cost!

5 Key Benefits & Siding Information

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Having the right siding information about what you can expect from your new install is important to help you make the right choice. We like to put all of the benefits of new siding on display — these are the key advantages that make gorgeous new siding a worthy investment.

  1. Dramatic Improvement in Home Appearance — The effect of new siding is truly transformative. First and foremost, replacing old siding with a beautiful modern option makes your house look brand new. Plus, new siding installation allows you to add new trim and accents that can create a striking new color scheme. Whether you opt for luxury vinyl, fiber cement, or composite siding, ANY upscale siding will leave your home looking stunning.

    Explore some of our favorite James Hardie siding colors.
  2. Real Increase in Home Value — One of the practical benefits of new siding is that it is an investment in your home that pays you back. On average, we see that new siding increases home value by about 80% of the project price. This is one of the best ROIs you can expect to see with any home remodeling. Bottom line: not only do you get to enjoy that new curb appeal, but if you ever go to sell, you’ll earn your money back. This unexpected siding info can convince even careful customers to make the leap into a renovation.
  3. Dramatic Energy Efficiency Improvement — Most homeowners know to expect that new windows make their home more energy-efficient, but new siding can have a similar or even greater impact. When performing new siding installation, we add house wrap and insulation while sealing any air leakage problem areas. This benefit of new siding pays you back every month on your energy bill. We’ve actually had clients who told us that their interior walls felt warmer to the touch after we replaced their siding!
  4. Find and Catch Problems before They Get Worse — Some homes with a certain set of characteristics are VERY at-risk to have leaking water, mold, and rot lurking under their siding. If left unchecked and untreated, this can cause huge damage to your house, inside and out. Installing new siding ensures that your siding is mold-free and stays that way. If you do this right, you’ll NEVER need to worry about new siding or any of these issues again.

    See if your home is at risk and learn about our free inspection program.
  5. Get Rid of the Cheap Vinyl Plastic Look — Vinyl siding can have something of a bad reputation for style — and it isn’t always fair. While no one can argue that old vinyl looks cheap, outdated, and “plasticky,” new vinyl can look absolutely gorgeous. If your home is covered in that junky old siding, replacing it can go a long way toward making your home look upscale. This is one of the benefits of new siding that convinces countless homeowners every year.

House Siding Options and Cost

house siding options and cost

You have way more choices than ever before! These are some of the house siding options and the cost that you’ll want to consider:

Vinyl Siding

  • The classic siding material, vinyl is durable, low maintenance and by far the most affordable choice. While old vinyl might have had the unpopular plasticky look, modern vinyl comes in WAY more upscale colors and styles than you might expect!

    Learn more about the price of new vinyl siding.

Fiber Cement Siding

  • Fiber cement is a luxury siding material that has a distinctive almost wooden look and ample color choices. The name to know for fiber cement is James Hardie, and we’re a certified installer. This is one of the most in-demand siding choices on the market.

    Learn more about the price of fiber cement installation.

Composite Siding

  • A wood composite material, these options have a luxury vibe while being completely impervious to moisture. While they might not be as well-known as fiber cement, they are gaining popularity every year. Generally, the price of composite siding is comparable to fiber cement.


Free Siding Inspections from Eby Exteriors

For a limited time, we’re offering free, no-obligation siding inspections for homeowners in our service area. Our siding experts will examine your siding and either give you a clean bill of health — or make some suggestions for repairs or even replacement.

If you have any questions as to whether your siding has mold, rot, or other issues, this is your chance to find out for free. Contact us today to request your siding inspection or to get more information about these key benefits of siding installation.

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