5 In-Demand Types of Exterior Siding

types of exterior siding

Attractive siding is one of the secrets to home curb appeal. After decades in the business, we can honestly say there’s very few home upgrades that can match the impact of replacing the siding on your home. Even better, nowadays there are more gorgeous luxury options than ever before — and we’re showcasing the most popular types of exterior siding right here!

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a Lancaster, PA home improvement company that specializes in windows, doors, siding, and everything else exterior. Since there are new home siding options that most homeowners have never heard of, we’re profiling them all right here. Read our latest blog to see how beautiful these luxury types of exterior siding can be, while discovering the practical advantages of each.

New Home Siding Options You Need to See

Modern home siding provides the perfect marriage of striking visual styles that will look completely unique in the neighborhood — as well as a host of practical benefits. All of the replacement siding options we recommend will provide both of these necessities, guaranteed! See our picks for stunning new home siding options right here:

Luxury Vinyl Siding

home siding options

Builder-grade vinyl has a bad reputation for looking cheap, fading in the weather, and being easily susceptible to damage. However, our preferred lines of luxury vinyl — CertainTeed and Provia — perform far better and even solve the problems typically associated with cheap vinyl.

  • Lowest price point of all types of exterior siding
  • Luxury vinyl siding is thicker for better wind resistance and a more attractive higher profile
  • Built with a specialty coating to prevent color fading
  • Ample color options and very authentic-looking faux wood finishes

Learn more about the unexpected benefits of any new type of siding!

LP SmartSide

types of composite wood exterior siding

A composite wood siding product, lightweight LP SmartSide is designed to model the beauty of natural wood, without the disadvantages. This product most closely replicates real wood siding and can easily be painted and stained over the course of owning it. Thanks to the weather resistance and overall resilience of this home siding option, we recommend this for homeowners who are committed to the rustic look of wood.

  • Looks closest to real hardwood siding — without the issues of wooden siding
  • Costs less than James Hardie or Everlast siding options
  • Ample stain and paint color options
  • Boards come with a 50-year prorated warranty and the finish comes with a 15-year warranty
  • Resistant to hail damage and other small nicks and dents

James Hardie Siding

james hardie home siding options

One of the most popular home siding options on the market, James Hardie is a type of fiber cement that is famous for its distinct look and gorgeous array of colors. The cement board siding brings many of the qualities of a masonry exterior to homes, and it is one of the most popular choices for replacing leaking stucco.

  • Amazing colors — see the most popular Hardie siding colors!
  • Distinct, masonry style appearance with several profile options
  • Provides a highly durable masonry finish required by many homeowners’ associations
  • Resistant to hail damage and other small nicks and dents

See what new James Hardie siding should cost.

Wolf Portrait Siding

types of exterior pvc siding

Another upgrade to basic vinyl siding that provides serious advantages and an attractive look. An ultra-durable PVC siding, Wolf Portrait siding boasts a look that is somewhat similar to vinyl — just more upscale looking!

  • Generally, less expensive than James Hardie and Everlast siding
  • Completely impervious to moisture
  • Resistant to hail damage and other small nicks and dents
  • 50-year warranty

Everlast Composite

everlast composite home siding options

One of our personal favorites among all of these home siding options, Everlast epitomizes convenient ownership with true showstopping looks. Everlast composite is engineered material, combining PVC and other materials for maximum durability, stunning colors, and overall strength.

  • Boasts the longest lifespan — will last 50+ years and look fantastic the entire time
  • Virtually no color fading
  • Impervious to moisture
  • Resistant to hail damage and other small nicks and dents
  • No expansion and contraction in the sun/heat

Everlast is also a popular choice to replace stucco. Get the facts on stucco remediation and replacement.

All of these types of exterior siding can be the difference maker that transforms your home. Our team has ample experience working with all of these materials and we endorse all of them. We invite you to reach out to have a conversation about finding the product that works for your style and your budget!

Talk to a Designer

Why Proper Installation Matters

Any of these home siding options have the ability to enhance your home curb appeal and ensure you’ll basically never need to worry about your siding again. However, even the best materials can falter and fail if they aren’t installed properly. That’s why we say skilled installation is key to getting the most out of this upgrade.

Each of these luxury siding options has manufacturer specific requirements to ensure the maximum performance. Improper installation can lead any of these choices to fail and have major leaks. At Eby Exteriors, we’ve done our homework on all things siding and have experience installing each of these properly — to ensure they look and perform their very best!

Get Quotes on These Types of Exterior Siding

If any of these types of exterior siding have caught your eye, we’d love to get you a quote to bring it home. However, if you’re still weighing the pros and cons, we’re more than happy to have a consultation to discuss the best match for your budget and style.

We often recommend that homeowners consider having new windows or doors installed during this project (if needed) as much of the prep work will be done already. In fact, pairing both of these projects together can save you approximately 20% to 25% as the labor time needed is reduced. If needed, a re-side project is also a great time to consider insulation and energy efficiency upgrades.

Reach out today to start the conversation and to get prices!

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