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Looking to expand the home you love? Eby Exteriors is the room addition company in Lancaster, PA that should be your first call! Our team of home improvement contractors provides Lancaster residents with the ability to add extra square footage onto their current homes. At Eby Exteriors, our room addition company will work with you to design the ideal addition for your property layout, and more importantly, the people you care about. Adding usable rooms to your home, such as an in-law quarters addition, will allow you to do more with what you already had.

We are an experienced room addition company that can work with any home design and structure. Don’t settle for an unsightly box that detracts from your home’s appearance – make sure your new space fits perfectly with the look and feel of your original home. We’ll match the unique character of your home or add a little more if you choose – that’s why we are award-winning room addition contractors in Lancaster County!


Building In-Law Quarters Additions & Much More

The solution for families who want to stay close…just not too close. In-law quarters are the most common types of additions that we build. Serving as an extra wing of the house, in-law quarters often provide a bedroom, bathroom, and sometimes an eat-in kitchen for your family. In addition to building full-scale in-law quarters additions, our team can also design and build other new rooms that complete your home. Our room addition contractors put the same expertise and design skills into these interior room projects as we do for our signature exterior remodeling services. Browse our project gallery to see what our team can do for you!


Benefits of Bump Out Additions

Bump-out additions are another way that our teams bring versatile new spaces to our customers’ homes. As opposed to full-sized traditional additions, bump-out additions tend to be used to provide needed extra space to a room that needs to be just a little bit bigger. One of the most common uses for home bump-outs is making kitchens or bathrooms larger to create space for features like islands or soaking tubs. Compared to full-sized projects, bump-out additions can be a fantastic cost-effective choice that delivers the exact space you need.

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The room addition contractors at Eby Exteriors understand what it takes to enhance the beauty and layout of your home. Whatever you can dream of, we’ll help you design. We utilize design programs that enable us to show you what your home will look like before the build. With decades of experience, we’re the room addition company that will work with you every step of the way to create the additional space you’ve been waiting to enjoy.

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