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Whether you’re installing a new deck or your deck is in need of a little repair, the experienced deck builders at Eby Exteriors are here to help. We have built our reputation as skilled deck contractors in Lancaster by both crafting gorgeous, one-of-a-kind decks, and by performing the precise deck repairs that allow you to get more years of enjoyment from your outdoor space.

Since we know you can need just about anything, we do just about everything!  Whether we build a new backyard showpiece for you, or simply repair a few warped deck boards, we provide the same elite level of service and personal courtesy every time.

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Wood, PVC & Composite Deck Installation Services

In addition to performing expert deck installation, Eby Exteriors provides deck repair services that keep your beloved outdoor space looking and performing well. Whether you need a small fix or a major overhaul, we’re a trusted team for deck repair in Lancaster, PA.

Here are just a few of the most common deck services we perform:

  • Refinishing — If your wood deck surface has seen better days, we can help by performing a professional refinishing job. Refinishing can help restore the look of your wood deck to when it was new.
  • Fixing or Updating Deck Railings — Deck railings perform the important job of keeping you and your guests safe from a possible fall. If your deck railings look bad or don’t have the strength you need, we can repair or replace your railings with a variety of different options.
  • Structure or Foundation Repair — If your foundation is badly damaged, it may keep you from being able to use your elevated deck safely. We can inspect your deck structure and foundation, performing the important repairs to extend its lifespan.
  • Re-Decking — An effective type of deck repair, re-decking is the process of replacing the old deck surface with brand new boards. When re-decking, you can choose to upgrade wooden deck boards to either PVC or composite options

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Decking Products

Our preferred decking product, Wolf Decking & Porch offers long-lasting beauty with the least amount of care. Techno Metal Posts (helical piles) provides outstanding support to any deck with the least amount of disruption to your property


Lancaster County’s Preferred Deck Company

In the world of deck construction, there are many deck contractors that will simply build a deck for you.. What separates Eby Exteriors team of deck builders is our attention to detail. We care about every aspect of your new deck. From the design and style to the right product selections, and finally to the expert craftsmanship needed to get the job done right. Eby Exteriors focuses on the little things so you don’t have to. Whether you are designing from the ground up or replacing your existing surface, our deck contractors will guide you through every step of the process.

Another reason that Eby Exteriors is a popular choice as a deck contractor is that we are skilled in installing and repairing all three of the popular types of deck material. While many deck builders prefer one type of material over another, we use them all and we use them well. We understand the advantages each material type can bring to a project as far as budget and style are concerned — and as always, we’ll consult with you to find the right material for your deck.

  • Wood Decks — Wooden decks are the most affordable option, compared to the other two deck options. While wooden decks may have a shorter lifespan and require more frequent maintenance, they have a distinctly natural look.
  • PVC Decks — PVC decking provides serious protection against the mold, mildew, and rot that can damage wooden decks. As a result of being made from PVC, these decks also have a unique look.
  • Composite Decks — Composite decking has the best of both worlds. This engineered material possesses all of the strengths of PVC matched with the naturalistic appearance of real wood. However, all of these advantages require an increased budget for composite decking.

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Expert Deck Builders That Do It All

At Eby Exteriors, we believe that everyone deserves a great outdoor space that they and their family can enjoy! That’s why we say that there is no deck installation too big and no deck repair too small.

If you’re thinking about adding, upgrading, or installing a deck, see why we are the deck builders that Lancaster residents know and trust. We always say that the first step is a conversation — contact us today to discuss your dream deck!