Exterior Home Repairs Done Right!

The Repair Contractors Who Do It All

Quality exterior repairs play an important role in keeping your home looking — and performing — like you want. The exterior of your home is constantly being bombarded by the elements! Weather events, like high winds, hail, driving rain, ice, excessive heat (just to name a few) can all cause significant damage. Beyond that, we all know accidents happen. The weed whacker got a little too close to the vinyl siding. Your gutter is crumpled because the delivery truck didn’t stop quite soon enough. The dog decided to try to run through the patio door screen in its zeal to chase the bunny from the backyard. Whatever the cause, every home needs exterior repairs from time to time. That’s where Eby Exteriors comes in!

Give us a call or click HERE to schedule an appointment for skilled exterior repair. Eby Exteriors’ friendly, expert repair technicians will make things right as efficiently as possible. If the problem is greater than a simple repair, we’ll discuss possible solutions with you BEFORE any work is done. Our home exterior repair services include:

Exterior Repair Services

Roof Repairs in Lancaster, PA
Roofing Repairs

The Eby Exteriors roof repair technicians handle a wide variety of repairs to ensure your roof stays strong for years to come. Whether you notice a roof leak and you need us to investigate or it’s something more specific like a leaky skylight, chimney damage, or flashing problems, we have the expertise to do the job. If your roof took a beating from high winds or a winter storm, we can also provide you the expert assistance you need.

Siding Repairs in Lancaster, PA
Siding Repairs

Your siding needs to look stylish and protect your home from the elements. We are the exterior repair team, who specialize in siding repair. If siding panels are missing, melted, cracked, damaged or loose, we can repair or replace them to look good as new. Our siding teams also have years of experience repairing or replacing fascia/soffit. Finally, if your siding-mounted lights or vents are damaged, we can repair or replace them as well.

clogged gutters contractor
Gutter Repairs

Your gutters play a crucial role in keeping the rest of your house protected from rainwater. If your gutters are faltering, that’s not something to ignore — call our gutter repair team. We have experience fixing leaky, sagging, damaged, and overflowing gutters. Plus, we offer the same services for your downspouts, rectifying loose and clogged downspouts.

Back Door with rot
Door Repairs

Our exterior repair team specializes in a wide range of door repairs. The Eby Exteriors door repair teams can handle entry doors, sliding doors, screen doors, and storm doors. If you need door repairs like weather stripping, hinge repair, caulking or sealing or rot mitigation, we are the team to trust. On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your door by adding peep holes, deadbolts, pet doors, or anything else, we have the experience to handle the job.

Repairs needed on window
Window Repairs

Our home exterior repair specialists can restore your windows — inside and out. Whether the glass itself is broken or the casement hardware needs repaired, we can fix your windows quickly and inexpensively. In addition, we also perform caulking and sealing along with weather stripping to ensure your window trim is secure. Finally, to give your home a cosmetic facelift, we can replace your old shutters with gorgeous new ones.

Porch Repairs in Lancaster, PA
Deck/Porch Repairs

If you love your outdoor living space, but it has seen better days, we can restore it. We have years of experience replacing rotted deck boards and porch posts. In addition, we can fix loose railings, wobbly stairs, and other issues.

Home in need of Stucco Repairs
Masonry/Stucco Repairs

One of the most complicated types of exterior repairs that we don’t shy away from is masonry and stucco repairs. Whether you’re dealing with stucco cracks or damaged stone veneer, we can keep your siding looking gorgeous and secure. These more complicated home exterior materials are great but require an experienced repair team.