Bringing Beautiful Stucco Remediation Solutions to Lancaster, PA

Throughout Lancaster County and all of southeast and south-central Pennsylvania, there are homes with problems due to failing and/or poorly installed stucco. These issues range from small, repairable cracks and flashing issues to systemic problems leading to major water infiltration, creating mold, and threatening the structural integrity of the home. The stucco remediation specialists at Eby Exteriors have the experience and the know-how to handle your stucco problem. We assess the stucco and let you know if your home is in good shape, needs some minor repairs or “buttoning up,” or if it’s time for some serious stucco remediation.


Stucco Contractors Delivering Breathtaking Exterior Home Transformations

When stucco remediation is needed, Eby Exteriors is the team to safely and expertly remove the problematic stucco and properly address any underlying structural issues. Then our stucco contractors will help you design, select, and install the new exterior cladding for your home. For everything from a full stucco replacement to new siding to stone veneer, or any combination of products, our stucco remediation specialists will make your home look great! We always select quality, long-lasting stucco replacement products and make sure they are properly installed, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll never have to deal with these issues again.

Finally, when replacing exterior cladding, it’s also a great time new consider new windows and doors!

Stucco Remediation Products

When replacing stucco and repairing walls, we highly recommend Low-E Housewrap. It’s an exceptional moisture barrier that also provides added insulation value and increased energy efficiency.

Stucco Replacement and Removal You Can Trust

Improperly installed or poorly maintained stucco can lead to substantial water damage, and it’s often the little, unseen things that create the biggest problems. Most of the damage shown in this video was caused by improperly flashed windows, something the homeowner never could have noticed. It’s not exceptionally difficult to properly flash a window, but it’s vitally important that it’s done. This “little leak” completely ruined the wall panels and was beginning to affect the studs – the actual structure of the house.

Almost any exterior project looks great when it’s new, but the real proof of a quality job goes much deeper than that. Have those beautiful new products been installed in such a way as to properly manage the storms they are going to be facing year after year? Attention to detail truly does matter. Knowledge, skill, and experience are absolutely necessary. A couple of great questions to ask yourself before hiring a stucco removal contractor are, “do the people I’m considering hiring have the needed knowledge, skill, and experience?” And “do they care enough to do the job right the first time?” Contact the stucco contractors at Eby Exteriors to get a stucco removal and replacement quote today!