Replacing Stucco with Siding: The Most Stylish Siding Options

replacing stucco with siding

Do you currently live in a stucco home?

There’s no question that stucco is a gorgeous siding material that makes your home stand out from nearly every other home on the block. However, if an inferior stucco product was used or it was installed improperly, stucco can lead to a world of problems and expenses for the homeowner. Unfortunately, there are far too many stucco homes in our area where one or both of these possibilities are true. Replacing stucco with new siding has become a popular choice. There are several exquisite stucco alternatives that look absolutely amazing — and that’s what we’re featuring in today’s blog.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re the rare home improvement company that specializes in stucco remediation. However, if you’re ready to move on to another modern siding material, you have ample options, each with a distinct visual flair and practical benefits. Learn more about replacing stucco with siding — or reach out right now to start the conversation with our experts!

Our 5 Favorite Stucco Alternatives

Just because you have stucco on your home now, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. There are numerous luxury stucco alternatives that provide an exceptional sense of style. One other important point to keep in mind: if your stucco siding is leaking or damaged, replacement isn’t necessarily your only option — skillful remediation can sometimes work wonders. However, if that’s not an option or if you’re simply ready for a new style, these are the stucco replacement options you need to see:

Fiber Cement Siding

stucco alternatives

One of the most in-demand stucco alternatives, fiber cement maintains the masonry look that you love about your stucco. In addition, James Hardie — the most notable manufacturer of fiber cement — also creates a whole spectrum of gorgeous colors. So, with this upgrade you can bring a striking shade of color to your exterior.

See the most popular James Hardie siding colors.

Composite Siding

replacing stucco with composite siding

These engineered luxury siding products are designed to be extremely weather-resistant, while mimicking the striking style of smooth or rustic siding. Four products that we love include:

  • Everlast Advanced Composite siding
  • LP Smartside Engineered Wood siding
  • Wolf Portrait PVC siding
  • Boral TruExterior siding

We’ve successfully used all of these products. They each provide remarkable practical advantages and beautiful, unique aesthetics and are a worthy choice to consider for your stucco alternative. We take the time to help each homeowner make the choice that works right for their home, their style, and their budget.

Luxury Vinyl Siding

luxury vinyl siding stucco alternative

Most people may not think of vinyl siding as a style-forward premium material, but they’re missing out! Unlike traditional vinyl, the luxury version has a more upscale look, a far wider range of colors, wider panels, and a heavier, weightier feel. In addition to the deluxe aesthetic, luxury vinyl provides great practical benefits like water-resistance and a moderate price tag.

Speaking of price, what should vinyl siding installation cost? We’ll tell you!

Stone Veneer

replacing stucco with stone veneer

Durable and distinguished, stone is an exceptional siding material and stucco alternative. Whether you use it as your main siding choice or as an accent, stone veneers are a fantastic choice for contemporary residential homes. Stone is often used as a stucco replacement option because it looks just as unique as the stucco did, just without all of the problems. If you’re planning to use stonework as a supplemental siding material, all of the previous options can match well with it.

New Stucco…Done Right

new stucco installation

While your existing stucco may be creating huge problems, stucco remains a viable exterior option. The right product, expertly installed and properly flashed, can be just as reliable and water-resistant as any of these alternatives. For some houses, the look of stucco is the perfect choice, and you don’t need to give it up. At Eby Exteriors, our crews are highly experienced at installing stucco that will provide decades of leak-free performance. Just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean you need to give up on stucco — you just need the right help!

Discover the most common signs of stucco leaks.

Local Luxury Siding Contractors

For stucco or any other siding material, the team that installs it makes an enormous difference. When a crew understands how to correctly install and flash a siding material, they make it infinitely more water-resistant and long-lasting. That expertise and quality workmanship has always been something the Eby Exteriors siding contractors have provided to our clients.

Our in-house crews are experienced in installing ALL of these stucco alternatives as well as performing stucco remediation. We’d love to talk with you about your home and give you some options.

Get Your Quote for Replacing Stucco with Siding

The first step of replacing your stucco with siding is a conversation with one of our experts. Bring us out for a look at your current stucco situation and a design consultation. We’ll be able to explain the situation, present ALL of your options, and give you prices.

Reach out right now to schedule with the Eby Exteriors team.

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