Why We’re Offering a Free Vinyl Siding Inspection

siding inspection

Siding is one of the most important — and also most overlooked — features of any home. When siding has been installed incorrectly and starts to leak, the results can be disastrous, and most homeowners don’t even notice until it’s way too late. That’s why Eby Exteriors is offering a 100% FREE vinyl siding inspection to all homeowners in our service area.

However, unlike a roof leak, you won’t see the signs of damage during a rainstorm — the only way to know if your siding is leaking is to have an expert take a look. In the majority of cases, if your siding leaks, you didn’t do anything wrong — it was probably installed poorly from the start. While we would normally charge for a home siding inspection, for a limited time we’re offering this service for free. You have absolutely nothing to lose by requesting an inspection: either you’ll get the crucial info that saves you thousands in home repairs — or you’ll get total peace-of-mind that your home siding is in great shape. Read our blog for the signs your home might be at risk for leaks — and request your siding inspection right now!

4 Signs Your Siding Needs an Inspection

vinyl siding inspection

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a home improvement company that specializes in deluxe siding installation and repair. We have more than 2 decades of experience installing gorgeous siding the right way.

Whether your home gets a clean bill of health, needs a small repair, or will require a bigger job, it’s better to find out now while you can do something about it. Even though anyone in our service area can ask for a free vinyl siding inspection, these are the signs that your home is at a greater risk for leaks — letting you know that you need to capitalize on this offer right now:

  1. Your House is Older — Old homes have amazing character, but they can pose extra challenges, too. We recommend that everyone who lives in older homes take us up on the offer. While older homes were generally built extremely well, the siding of yesteryear wasn’t engineered to have the same water-resistance that the new material we use today offers. Eby Exteriors has ample experience working on older homes — so request your siding inspection today.

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  2. There’s No House Wrap — House wrap is installed over the frame of the house underneath the siding and is important to improve your home’s water-resistance. However, until 2007, installing house wrap wasn’t mandatory in Pennsylvania, so there are countless homes lacking this important weather-proofing measure — making them MORE susceptible to damage as a result. You can tell if your home is wrapped simply by peeling back the vinyl siding at a gap or corner. If you see a thin layer of plastic, you’re covered — however, if you just see wood under the siding, you know you’re missing this important feature.
  3. You Haven’t Had New Windows or Siding in Recent Memory — As part of almost any home exterior project, any contractor worth their salt will inspect the siding for signs of damage. However, if it’s been several years since you had any work done on your house, getting a vinyl siding inspection is a good idea.

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  4. Your Home Builder Has a Bad Reputation — While most people think of siding issues happening in older houses, if the siding was badly installed, even newer homes can be affected. If you know the builder that built your home or development has a bad reputation for cutting corners, you may want to seek a second opinion to make sure your home siding wasn’t incorrectly installed. We’ve seen fairly new homes be completely undermined by vinyl siding leaks simply because the house was built quickly and carelessly.

Deluxe Siding Installation & Repair

While chances are good that your vinyl siding inspection will bring good news, you have options if we do discover leaks. If we catch the problem fairly early, the experts at Eby Exteriors will be able to rectify the issue with simple repairs and water remediation upgrades.

However, if the damage is extensive, it’s not the end of the world! Modern luxury vinyl siding is better than ever from both a performance and a style standpoint. The premium siding we use is resistant to fading and damage while being available in a wide range of colors. In addition, if you’ve been planning on upgrading to new windows, you can save on the project by bundling it in with your siding repair. Learn what vinyl siding installation should cost.

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Request your Free Siding Inspection Now

This is a service that most companies charge for, but we feel that it is important enough that we’re offering it for free. Whether your siding gets a clean bill of health or you catch a serious problem before it’s too late, you’ll be glad you did. Contact us and request your free home siding inspection right now!

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