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We specialize in replacement windows and patio doors by Marvin & Integrity by Marvin

Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor

At Eby Exteriors near Lancaster, PA, we’re serious about the products we promote and install and that’s why we’re proud to recommend Marvin windows and patio doors to you. Whether it’s a beautiful Marvin wood window with a sturdy, extruded aluminum exterior cladding, or a strong and durable Integrity by Marvin fiberglass window, you can’t go wrong when you choose a Marvin product. They provide the ultimate combination of beauty, performance, and energy efficiency! And they are backed by a strong warranty from an American company with over a century of experience building windows.

Marvin Fiberglass Windows

Integrity Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Integrity by Marvin Fiberglass Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

The BEST VALUE in replacement windows on the market today! Why fiberglass windows?

  • Made with Ultrex, pultruded-fiberglass frames that are STRONG AS STEEL and 8X STRONGER THAN VINYL
  • Attractive real-pine wood interior or sleek, smooth-fiberglass interior
  • Durable acrylic exterior coating won’t lose its luster
  • LARGER VIEWABLE GLASS AREA No more “foggy glass”
  • Strong, stable, smooth-operating patio doors
  • ENERGY STAR rated

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Marvin Replacement Windows and Patio Doors

Marvin offers craftsman-quality construction, energy-efficient technology and the industry’s most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes and options. Some of the many benefits to a Marvin window or door replacement include:

  • Stunning wood frame/interior – available in a variety of species and pre-finished paint or stain
  • Sturdy, attractive aluminum-clad exterior – wide selection of colors and profiles
  • Very customizable – MADE TO ORDER for you
  • Retractable screens and interior shades options
  • Smooth, easy-operating patio doors – gliding or hinged
  • Match the architectural demands of any home
  • ENERGY STAR rated

Windows by Marvin Integrity

Marvin Next-Gen Ultimate Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Professional Installation of Replacement Windows

Why Choose Eby Exteriors to install your new Marvin or Integrity by Marvin replacement windows and patio doors?

  • We are our areas ONLY Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor!
  • Our experienced installers have installed thousands of windows and patio doors
  • We treat your home as if it were our own
  • Our friendly, local employees are people you can trust in your home. Many of our clients comment on how much they enjoyed having them around
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty

Window Installer

Windows and doors don’t come with an “install” button. We are here to help!


**All Glass IS NOT the same!

Do Integrity windows really have more viewable glass area than most other windows? Yes, they do! Why? It’s because of the super-strong, proprietary Ultrex pultruded fiberglass frames they are built with. The strength of Ultrex allows the window frames and the sash frames to be built much narrower than most traditional window frames – particularly vinyl window frames. In order for vinyl windows to have the strength they need to support glass, the frames must be built much thicker and bulkier than an Ultrex frame. This added bulk cuts down on the viewable glass area, sometimes as much as several inches in width, not to mention that even with the added bulk the vinyl frames aren’t nearly as strong as an Ultrex, pultruded-fiberglass frame.

Strongest Windows

Pultruded fiberglass has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio, which is why it’s the material of choice for boats, bridges, guard rails, and ladders. It’s highly durable, doesn’t leak or corrode, resists rot, and resists expanding and contracting in temperature swings. You would never ride in a boat made of vinyl or climb a ladder made of vinyl, so why is it a good idea to build windows out of vinyl?

Luxury Yacht Windows


Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Integrity offers low E2 insulated glass with argon as a standard option. It’s designed to reflect high summer sun away from your home, keeping you cool, and absorb low winter sun when you want its warmth.

Low E2 Insulated Windows

Finally, we’ve all seen windows that became foggy or hazy. This happens when the seal between the multiple panes of glass is broken. Vinyl windows are especially susceptible to this problem due to the fact that while glass is very stable, vinyl expands and contracts a great deal with varying temperatures. Eventually, this friction between the vinyl and the glass causes the glass seal to fail (often within 7-10 years). This allows moisture between the glass which leads to fogging.

Because Ultrex pultruded fiberglass is virtually as stable as glass, there is very little friction between the frame and the glass. As a result, fogging in Integrity windows is almost non-existent!

Other Window Replacement Options

Eby Exteriors is also able to supply and install a wide variety of other window and patio door products. For the more budget-conscious we offer:


If you’re looking to match some existing units in your home we’re able to provide and install just about any product from any manufacturer.

If you’d like to learn more about our home improvement services or about the replacement window products we prefer in Lancaster, Wyomissing, PA and surrounding areas, please check out the links below: