Don’t Fall for Window Replacement Scams

window replacement scams

Brand new windows can be an absolutely awesome home upgrade — they provide added interior and exterior style as well as improved energy efficiency. Homeowners love new windows because they are a cosmetic upgrade that pay you back month-after-month. Unfortunately, some less-than-reputable window companies try to capitalize on that popularity with a series of window replacement scams and high-pressure window sales pitches.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a Lancaster, PA home improvement company dedicated to helping homeowners get the most out of their renovations. We’re here to help homeowners like you tell the difference between a good buy and a window replacement scam. In this blog, we’re breaking down the too-good-to-be-true pricing, the high-pressure window sales pitches, and how we’ve seen cheap windows go wrong.

What’s Wrong with this Window Sales Pitch?

empty wallet after window sales pitch

Chances are you’ve seen commercials for window replacements, and maybe you’ve even met a door-to-door salesperson. The ultra-cheap window replacement industry is bigger than ever — and it’s often thanks to their out-of-this-world promises and a high-pressure window sales pitch.

Here’s an undeniable fact: everyone loves a good deal. These window replacement scam companies and master manipulators take advantage of that fact. They hope to get in the door with an unbeatable bottom-line price — as well as an alleged lifetime warranty — and let the no-mercy salesman do the rest.

Here’s the real story behind their sleek window sales pitch:

  1. You Won’t Get the Advertised Price — We’ve seen prices as low as $199 per window — good luck actually getting that price, though. Even though the window replacement scam companies love to boast about their unbeatable prices, they make it almost impossible to claim them. Some of their tricks include charging extra for finishing the exterior, sealing the windows themselves, or other “necessary” install steps — all of which come at an upcharge.

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  2. They Make Money on Financing — Another way these window replacement companies take advantage of homeowners is through their financing terms. Oftentimes in order to secure the “deal” they’re offering on individual windows, you need to sign on for their financing package — which was really their plan all along. While new windows can certainly save you money, it’s hard to come out ahead when you’re paying huge amounts of interest.
  3. You Get a Substandard Product — You know the popular saying, “you get what you pay for,” that definitely applies here. The cheap vinyl windows you get from these companies tend to underperform in a pretty significant way — and their too-good-to-be-true price is genuinely just that. A premium product will come at a higher price because it is actually worth that much more — and it will perform and look infinitely better than its cheap counterpart.

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  4. You Can’t Trust the Warranty — One of the best tools in the slick salesman’s window sales pitch is their claim that he or she offers an unbeatable lifetime warranty. You might have guessed it already, but that warranty will likely fall flat. This is one case where the fine print is truly required reading. Actually collecting on one of these warranties is an impressive feat. For example, you may find that the warranty doesn’t include full replacement, only covers parts and not labor, is pro-rated, or some other trick. In some cases, though, the manufacturer’s warranty simply ceases to exist because the vinyl window manufacturer changes their name or goes out of business altogether.
  5. You Don’t Get the Best People Handling the Install — Even with a stellar product, a careful installation job is crucial to getting the most out of your new windows. When you fall in with one of these window replacement scams, you don’t get the very best product — or installation. In most cases their subcontractor teams are paid to work quickly — not carefully — and they might not even have experience installing the product. An ultra-quick installation job can actually leave a bigger problem, as a poor installation can invite an air or water leak into your home.

    Compare that to the experience of working with the Eby Exteriors team. Not only are our craftsmen highly skilled at what they do, but they treat your home with absolute respect. Most importantly, you can trust having our experts in your home. Get to know the Eby Exteriors team.

Trust Eby Exteriors for Exceptional Window Installation

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While staying informed about what makes window replacement scam companies such a problem is important, we prefer to focus on the good. There are numerous skilled window contractors in our area — and Eby Exteriors is proud to be among them.

We specialize in installing gorgeous and ultra-efficient windows from Marvin — including their fiberglass “Essential” and “Elevate” products as well as their luxurious aluminum-clad “Signature” and “Modern” lines. Unlike the vinyl windows and vinyl patio doors that leave homeowners a bit disappointed, these showpiece products look sleek and stylish and will make your home more energy-efficient.

If you’re in the market for new windows, we’d love to talk. Reach out today to start the conversation with our team!

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