6 Types of Outdoor Living Spaces

types of outdoor living spaces

A dream-come-true outdoor living space can come in many beautiful styles. From striking deck and patio combinations to full-covered spaces, you have countless options to design the space that meets your aesthetic goals and your practical needs. To help you find favorites, we’re showcasing 6 types of outdoor living spaces that can enhance your home.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a home improvement contractor that performs the luxury renovations and small repairs that homeowners rely on. Every year, we design and build exquisite backyard living areas that look incredible and will be at the center of all your outdoor entertaining. Read this month’s blog to discover the main types of outdoor living spaces and to get inspired to build your space!

Inspiring Outdoor Living Designs

Your home, your needs, and your personal tastes dictate which of these outdoor living designs is right for your backyard renovation. From the simple to the extremely elaborate, you’ll find options that enhance your home:

1. Sundeck

outdoor living spaces

One of the tried-and-true types of outdoor living spaces, a sundeck is the name for an open deck that is either elevated or on ground level. Although deck combinations are increasingly popular, these open spaces are built entirely from deck boards. As the name suggests, this outdoor design is perfect for tanning but can also be a great space for outdoor dining, socializing or playing outdoor games (depending on space). Our deck builders craft a wide range of spaces using everything from standard pressure-treated wood boards to a variety of exceptionally attractive and durable composite decking choices.

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2. Luxury Patio

outdoor living designs

Another simple yet striking outdoor space, a luxury patio can be truly the right way to bring a hardscape to your backyard. While old-school concrete patios might have been the norm once, deluxe materials like stamped concrete and pavers provide a more upscale look. Paver patios are built from individual pave stones, which last an extremely long time and look even better as they age. Stamped concrete improves on standard patios by applying a gorgeous design onto the concrete base. Whether you build with stamped concrete or pavers, these types of outdoor spaces are often used for intimate sitting areas or dining areas.

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3. Elevated Deck above Hardscape

elevated deck above hardscape

This outdoor living design combines a patio and an open deck for a unique multi-level space. We build this combo by placing a hardscape sitting area directly beneath the main deck. Pairing these together allows the deck boards above to provide unbeatable shade for the area below. This design is fantastic for maximum outdoor space with a fairly small footprint. In addition, this two-tiered space offers both full shade and total sun exposure at the same time. In order for your home to be able to make use of this eye-catching design idea, you need to have a place for an elevated deck. We explore the pros and cons of different decking material options.

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4. Ground Level Deck Patio Combo

ground level deck patio combo

The perfect solution when you can’t decide between a deck or a patio! This type of outdoor living space emphasizes the smooth transition between a ground level deck and an adjoining luxury hardscape. Often designed around simple steps down from the deck to the patio, the goal is to create two distinct spaces that feel like one. We’ve often seen homeowners utilize this combination for creating a dedicated outdoor dining area paired with an intimate seating space nearby.

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5. Deck with a Full or Partial Porch Roof

covered deck design

These outdoor living designs often create the feel of a truly transitional space between the inside and the outside. When part of the deck remains open to enjoy the sun, the adjacent covered space makes this a great addition for almost all occasions. These covered decks are particularly popular as the design still feels like a deck — while providing some of the comforts of the indoors. Explore popular deck color schemes right here!

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6. Deck and Screened Porch/Sunroom Combo

deck with screened porch

For many homeowners, this is the ultimate outdoor living space combination. Pairing a full sunroom with a beautiful sundeck creates two spaces that are exceptional on their own, but together, provide the best in outdoor living. When our design team envisions one of these ambitious spaces, we work to create unity in design between the deck and the sunroom — as well as between both spaces and the interior of the home!

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The Very Best in Materials and Workmanship

Feeling inspired by these different outdoor living designs? This is just the beginning of what the Eby Exteriors team can design and build for you. The next step is a conversation to discuss your style and budget!

While many customers choose us for our beautiful designs that match our clients’ aesthetic preferences and individual needs, the long-lasting quality is what keeps them loving their spaces. We often recommend materials like paver patio stones and composite or PVC decking that will last for decades, needing very little maintenance. In addition to that, all of our in-house crews build ultra-secure and ultra-safe structures that you’ll be able to use for life.

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Any of these types of outdoor structures can be the dream space that you’ll love using day-after-day. Whether you prefer a sundeck or patio or a combination space, our team would love to build it for you! One of the best ways to find the perfect space for your home and your budget is to compare pricing on the different options. Feel free to reach out to our team to compare and contrast price points — while discussing your design!

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