Average Home Repair Costs Revealed

average home repair costs

Being a homeowner is one of the best feelings there is — until something goes wrong, anyway. Facing down a problem with your home can be intimidating if you don’t know how to fix it yourself and if you’re a little worried about what it might cost. To give you a little peace of mind before you call, we’re breaking down average home repair costs for the most common problems that we see.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a full-service home improvement and home repair contractor in Lancaster, PA that puts integrity first in everything we do. That means being upfront about pricing and guaranteeing our elite-quality work. Our standalone repair team was put together to address the little things that go wrong with a house. Across all of the different services we perform, our average home repair cost is approximately $250 to $350 — depending on what needs done.

Not only are we happy to share our averages, but we always share our home repair prices upfront as well. A standard service call costs $199 up front and includes an hour of labor — after the first hour, we charge $79 per hour. For roofing service calls, we charge $249 and include the first hour of work, charging the $79 per hour after that. Please note that the first hour begins when our crew arrives, and that the homeowner is charged for any materials needed for the project. For the vast majority of repairs, we are able to fix everything in one or two hours. Keep reading as we dig into the most common home repairs — or reach out to schedule with our team today!

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Most Common Home Repairs and What You’ll Pay

most common home repairs

Our repair team is made of experienced handymen and contractors who do everything that keeps your home in pristine shape. Simply put: if there is something wrong with the exterior of your home, chances are we know how to fix it. These are the most common home repairs we see, what causes them, and an average repair price:

Loose Siding or Trim

  • One of the most common home repairs, loose siding and trim are crucial to fix properly. If your siding or trim was installed improperly the first time, you may see the pieces flapping in a particularly heavy wind. If left alone, loose siding can actually allow serious home water damage. Eventually, a loose piece of siding may blow off and cause damage to a neighboring home, a nearby car, or worse yet, injury to someone in your yard or a passerby.

Small Roof Leak

  • Many people see any roof leak and automatically assume the worst — that they need a new roof. However, some of the most common causes for small roof leaks are loose or missing shingles, or faulty trim around your chimney or other roof protrusions. These are generally easy fixes and the average home repair costs are fairly low.

    Check out our home roof inspection checklist.

Loose or Damaged Shutters

  • Home shutters play a crucial role in the curb appeal of your home, so if something goes wrong with them, you’ll want to fix it immediately. Damaged shutters are often caused by high winds and can usually be reattached or repaired in an hour or two. Once again, the average home repair costs tend to be modest for this project.

Clogged Gutter or Loose Gutter

  • By far, this is one of the most common home repairs during the fall months when leaves are falling. Many homeowners don’t realize it, but damaged gutters can actually lead to serious water infiltration issues when it rains. Fortunately, our team handles everything gutters need, from cleaning them out to repairing them.

    Never worry about cleaning your gutters when you install gutter guards — see what gutter guards cost!

Entry Door Repair

  • A variety of things can go wrong with an entry door, and we handle all of the potential issues. Whether the door needs new weather stripping to keep the cold out or the door doesn’t operate smoothly, our team can help fix it! However, if you’d rather install a brand new door, we’d love to help you find a gorgeous new option!


Luxury Installation and Upgrades

luxury james hardie siding installation

While these common home repairs are a crucial part of what we offer for clients, they are only the beginning. We are probably best known for our signature luxury upgrades that truly transform homes. For example, Eby Exteriors is known for our work with exceptional luxury siding like stucco and James Hardie fiber cement — which can help your home stand out like no other in the neighborhood! In addition, one of our specialties is Marvin window installation and we often use style-forward black-frame windows. On the other hand, building gorgeous outdoor living spaces is another area of expertise. Essentially, if you have a dream home project that will make an impact on the way you use and visualize your house, we’d love to talk to you about it!

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