Deck Color Schemes to Inspire You

deck color schemes

From modern to rustic, your deck color scheme plays a huge role in determining your outdoor living style. Ready for the good news? There are more deck board color options than ever before for you to choose from. So, if you’re planning a new deck and looking for inspiration, you’re in the right place.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a luxury renovation company that helps homeowners all over Lancaster and Chester Counties in PA achieve the home or deck of their dreams. In today’s blog, we’re showcasing the most popular deck color trends, while highlighting the best deck color for a white, tan, or gray house. Keep reading to discover the leading deck color schemes.

Leading Deck Color Trends

Right now, the prevailing deck color trends include both very modern and traditionally rustic choices. Ultimately, more than anything the main factor that determines the best deck color is the color of your house. Pairing your deck color to your siding color can create a truly standout style that makes your newly-renovated deck feel like it was meant to be there the whole time.

Let’s dig into the hottest deck color schemes and break it all down by the most popular housing colors:

Best Deck Color for a White House

deck color trends for a white house

From a stylistic standpoint, white homes are something of a blank canvas because they go with almost everything. Plus, white tends to make the colors paired with it really pop. A bold deck color scheme would be choosing a redwood color — while a more traditional choice would be a darker coffee-colored brown. Adding a white vinyl railing to either of these colors really completes the space.

Best Deck Color for a Tan House

deck color schemes for a tan house

Tan vinyl siding happens to be one of the most common looks throughout the country — and for good reason, too. Just like with white vinyl, tan is a versatile color that matches just about any of the leading deck color trends. Some of our favorite deck colors are either rustic dark browns and different shades of gray. The gray represents the slightly more modern option, while the brown hues are a safe and traditional choice. Once again, white vinyl railings look incredible here.

Best Deck Color for a Gray House

deck color trends for a gray house

Gray houses are less common but bring an extremely interesting style profile. Naturally, they also make for an intriguing deck color combination as well. The best deck color often depends on the exact shade of gray your house boasts. If a home is clad in lighter gray siding, then a dark gray deck can look absolutely stunning. However, for darker gray designs, you’ll want to consider a lighter deck color like tan or a lighter wood hue as it creates a truly one-of-a-kind look. While gray is an easy color to match, not much looks better than a clean white railing.

Best Deck Color for a Blue House

deck color trends for a blue house

Available in both fiber cement and vinyl siding, blue is an increasingly common home color for those who think differently. The deck color trends for blue homes all tend to favor the modern and the bold. The most common color choices include both dark greys and dark mocha browns. To build on these interesting color combos, we love seeing striking black aluminum railings used here.

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Best Deck Color for a Green House

deck color schemes for a green house

A rare but beautiful home color, green siding makes for an interesting deck color scheme. The most natural pairing we’ve seen for a green siding color are rustic light pecan-colored wood grain deck boards. Even if your home style is more modern than traditional, the combination of these two shades looks absolutely phenomenal. Finishing this deck color scheme with a traditional wooden railing completes the look, but something out of the ordinary like a bronze aluminum railing can really accentuate the style.

Choosing Between Composite and Wooden Decking

While deck colors are the topic of the day, we also want to talk about the deck material, too. In the 21st century, the two main deck board options are either pressure-treated wood or composite decking. While both of these materials boast the essential rustic wood quality, the price — and experience of owning them — is totally different.

Unlike wooden decks, composite deck boards will never rot — and will never need to be re-painted or re-stained to look their best. In contrast, a basic wooden deck will require maintenance to stay strong and protect the striking look. However, composite decking is still the more expensive option — and many homeowners still choose the traditional wood option for the upfront savings.

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Ultimately, whichever material you choose, you’ll still have access to build almost any deck color scheme you want. At Eby Exteriors, our deck builders install both options — and we trust Wolf and Azek Decking for our deluxe composite lines.

Bring Your Dream Deck Color Schemes to Life

A picture on your phone or computer screen may be worth a thousand words, but seeing your choices in person is truly your best option. If you’re still finalizing your deck color scheme, reach out for an in-person consultation to see your favorite colors.

Start the conversation with one of our outdoor designers to discuss the best deck color for your house, the leading trends, and to get your quote!

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