Siding Repair Company in Lancaster PA

Your home siding does a tough job. It keeps your house safe from the wind and the rain — plus, it showcases your unique home style like nothing else. However, most homeowners only really come to appreciate the importance of home siding when it stops doing its job. If your siding has lost its luster or it is simply breaking down, you need expert siding repair.

At Eby Exteriors, we are the siding repair team to trust with your stucco, fiber cement, and vinyl siding repair. We perform a wide variety of exterior siding repairs to address both practical and cosmetic issues for your housing exterior. From minor repairs like applying a vinyl siding patch to rectifying siding damage all the way up to full replacement, we do it all.

The first step we perform in any house siding repair job is to visit your home for an inspection. Contact us to learn more about how we can help — and to schedule your free consultation.


Common Siding Damage We Fix

Since your home’s siding takes the brunt of the elements day after day, it’s natural that quite a lot can go wrong with it. Siding damage can either occur as the result of human error or the elements — we have ample experience fixing both types of damage.

Some of the most common types of siding damage include:

  • Siding is loose
  • Siding is gapping
  • Siding is stained with dirt
  • Siding is infiltrated with water
  • Wavy quality to vinyl siding
  • Siding color is faded
  • Siding is punctured or cut

The type of damage determines the siding repair that will need to be performed in order to fix it. More minor, surface-level damage can be rectified with a vinyl siding patch. However, when more serious damage occurs, such as water infiltration, it can require a much more complicated solution. That’s why you need to work with siding repair contractors who have experience with complex repairs. If water leaks are allowed to continue unabated, they can cause damage, including rotting the walls of your home.

Storms are another common source of home siding damage as the intense winds can dislodge or blow off entire siding panels. Following a serious local storm, we are the siding repair company to call for prompt and complete service.


Vinyl Siding Repair Contractors

Since vinyl siding is one of the most common types of exterior siding, we make it one of our service specialties. Our teams are experienced in providing all of the vinyl siding repairs that homeowners need. From patching the small holes that may appear to replace panels that are gapping, we do it all. From years working with all types of vinyl siding, we know that improper installation is a primary reason for it to fail and need repairs. That’s why we also make correct siding installation a priority as well.

Learn more about our siding installation services.

At Eby Exteriors, we specialize in a wide range of materials including vinyl siding, fiber cement, and stucco. No matter what type of siding is on your home and no matter the type of damage it has sustained, we can fix it.

Siding Repair Quotes

We stand out among Lancaster siding repair companies for two reasons: our expertise and our service. When it comes to siding repair, there isn’t anything we can’t do. Our excellent service is another reason that we stand out — not only are we skilled siding repair contractors, but we’re also good people to work with. We tell you what it’s going to cost before work begins, and never surprise you with extra fees.

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Client Experiences with Our Team

“If I could give a 15 star review, I would!! 5 stars isn’t enough. From Phil the President to his wonderful staff. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!! My wife and I love supporting small business. Eby Exteriors is top notch and they will always get our business. We just had new shutters put on our home and we couldn’t be happier!!! Shawn and Mike who did the installation were wonderful, Professional, very knowledgeable and just did a fantastic job!!! Eby Exteriors is 15 star, and we are just 100% satisfied and in the future, they will always get our business, GREAT company!!!!”