EBY EXTERIORS IS OPEN FOR EMERGENCY REPAIRS! Due to Covid 19 and Governor Wolf’s order, Eby Exteriors’ construction operations have been suspended indefinitely. However, if you have an emergency repair (leak, wind damage, broken door/window hardware, etc) we are able to come out and make those repairs. Our standard service call rates will apply. Call our office at 717-733-9142, Joel Zeiset at 717-679-3627, or Tim Martin at 717-383-6968.

Eco Friendly Builders

Building Green...And Loving It!

Yes, that buzz-word  “Green”   is all around us today. Here at Eby Exteriors it is more than a catchy phrase. Green building has become a way of doing business for us. This isn’t some flashy piece of equipment, or bureaucratic oversight, but just simply a way of doing day to day operations. With just a little forethought and attention we can minimize our industry’s impact on the environment, and help homeowners do the same. Here is what green building means to Eby Exteriors and our customers:


When we remove old building products containing such materials as aluminum, vinyl, and copper, we recycle them! That is a simple, but effective way to lessen our industry’s impact on the environment. Not only is it environmentally smart, but it saves money too!

Using “Green” Products

When we have a choice, we choose to purchase our building materials from environmentally conscious manufacturers. One prime example of this is the Certainteed roofing and siding products that we use. Their Energy Star certification means that you’ll spend less on home heating and cooling over your home’s lifetime.

Donating Extra/Overstock Products

Sometimes we stock more of an item than we can use. Instead of disposing of these items, or even recycling them, we donate any usable material we have to the Lancaster Habitat for Humanity. If that’s one less window in the landfill, it has made a difference.

Helping Homeowners Assess Energy Efficiency

We will help you, the homeowner, evaluate your home energy use, and offer solutions that both save money, and the world around us. Less fuel through the furnace is not only good for your wallet, but also your neighborhood.