Converting a Deck into a Sunroom: Enclosed Deck & Patio Ideas!

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While decks and patios are great for entertaining during the summer, their fun always seems to run out when the weather turns chilly. But imagine if there was a way to enjoy your backyard all year…!

The secret to comfortably enjoying the great outdoors and sunshine ALL year long? Converting your deck into a sunroom!

With a little creativity and the right team, you can transform any existing deck or patio into a three-season or four-season porch or room to enjoy ANY time of year. See how Eby Exteriors makes enclosed deck dreams come true, find inspiration, or get a free estimate for your own transformation here!


Deck & Patio Sunroom Ideas

If you already have a deck or patio, you have a great base for a cozy and comfortable space to extend the time you get to spend in the fresh air!

There are endless ideas and possibilities when it comes to creating a deck or patio sunroom on your property. From a simple screened-in porch to a totally enclosed four-seasons room, there is no wrong way to renovate for maximum usage!


Lititz, PA Patio Sunroom (3-Season Room) 

One of our favorite ideas for converting an enclosed deck space is this three-season room renovation in Lititz, PA! We turned this existing concrete patio into an enclosed room that blends beautifully with the aesthetic of the original house.

This charming new deck sunroom features sturdy walls and an enclosed roof with skylights to allow ample glorious sunlight in, especially during those dreary winter months. The Eze Breeze windows can be opened to reveal a screened or unscreened view, allowing plenty of fresh air to move through the entire space.

 Award-Winning Grantville, PA Deck Enclosure (4-Season Porch) 

This Spitler Renovation project was a complete overhaul of the home’s exterior, including the deck. We replaced the old, worn-out deck with a beautiful new one that perfectly complements the rest of the home’s new look – as well as building a deck sunroom atop of it!

With gorgeous Marvin Elite fiberglass windows and a heating system connected to the house, this conversion of a deck to a sunroom is one that the owners can utilize contentedly every day of the year.

  Lancaster, PA 3-Season Enclosed Deck

With a great start already in place, our team was able to shore up the foundation of the new room by installing Techno Posts. After crafting a gorgeously personalized three season deck sunroom, we also extended the original deck for a true indoor/ outdoor living experience.

PRO TIP: Using space heaters is a cozy AND affordable way to warm any sunroom and extend the time you can comfortably relax in your haven!

Whether any of these deck or patio sunroom designs struck inspiration, or you would like a free quote and consultation on your own idea, we encourage you to reach out to Eby Exteriors today! Don’t forget to check out our regularly updated SPECIAL OFFERS for money-saving deals and promotions.

Why Turn Your Deck into a Sunroom?

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One of the best things about turning a deck into a four seasons room or sunroom is the money-saving benefit it creates! By utilizing the existing foundation of the deck or patio you already have, you can save anywhere from 10-20% on the cost to complete this type of renovation.

In addition to the financial advantages, here are a few other reasons to convert a deck into a sunroom:

  • Maximize the time you can spend comfortably enjoying the outdoors
  • Save money by building with what your home already offers
  • Enjoy sunlight and warmth during drab winter months
  • Extend the usable square footage of your home
  • Removes the annual chore of putting outdoor furniture in storage and performing deck/ patio maintenance
  • And so many more!

Four-Season Porch Transformation FAQs

How long does it take to convert a deck to a sunroom?

Factors such as foundation, weather, material availability and project details will impact the length of time it takes to build a four-seasons porch. On average, this process takes between 3-5 weeks.

What does converting a deck to a sunroom cost?

Just like the timeline, the cost of turning a deck into a four-seasons room or screened porch is impacted by a number of factors. Although, on average, this type of project costs around $50k to complete.

Can you use my existing deck or patio to convert to a sunroom?

If the foundation is solid, YES, we can! Our expert team will evaluate your current structure before beginning any construction, so we’ll be able to factor that into the price and timeline of your project. Additionally, if your deck or patio is in less-than-ideal condition, we can remove it and re-build if necessary!

Will people be able to tell that a patio or deck sunroom is not a part of the original home?

With skilled contractors like Eby Exteriors, you and your guests will not be able to tell the difference between your original home and your new addition! See for yourself in our renovation project gallery just how seamless our patio sunroom transformations unite with the original home.


Partner with a Trusted Enclosed Deck Builder!

When it comes to building an enclosed deck, you need a partner you can trust to get the job done right. At Eby Exteriors, we have years of experience designing and building beautiful sunrooms for homeowners in the following areas:

  • Lancaster County
  • Lebanon County
  • Cumberland County
  • York County
  • Berks County
  • And beyond

Our team will work with you to design a three or four-seasons porch enclosure that meets your needs and fits your budget. We will also handle all of the necessary permits and inspections to make sure your sunroom is up to code.

Contact us today to get started on your enclosed deck project!

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