The True Deck Installation Cost

deck installation cost

The cure for a long day spent in the office or playing taxi driver for a family of active kiddos is unwinding on your secluded backyard deck. Sound amazing? It is. That luxury comes at a price, though, but what is it? Your deck installation cost is determined by a variety of factors such as location, materials, design, and size. We can’t provide an estimate for your personal idea without speaking with you individually — but we can gladly provide a ballpark number to help start your budgeting.

Continue reading our blog to discover estimated composite decking prices and wood decking prices, as well as how to keep costs low when building your dream deck.

Comparing Wood and Composite Decking Prices:

Ultimately, our deck cost estimators take three primary things into consideration when creating a quote: deck material, deck size, and complexity of construction. While the size of the deck can vary from home to home, most decks we build are constructed with either wood or composite deck boards.

Below are composite decking price and wood decking price breakdowns based on the size and material of your choice.

Estimated Wood Decking Prices

wood decking prices

Nothing is more classic than a wooden deck in your backyard. At the lower to mid-price range, they are a very popular choice for homes in Lancaster County and the East Coast. Although this material requires a bit more maintenance and upkeep than composite, the savings can be absolutely worth it. Generally wooden decks cost about two-thirds of the price of the same size composite deck.

Again, while we cannot provide an extremely exact estimate before talking about your vision directly, we can use our deck cost estimator to provide the ranges below:

$7k — $12k

  • If you are looking to spend between $7,000 – $12,000, you can expect to get a wood deck that is between 200 ft and 300 ft in size. That’s enough room to comfortably fit an outdoor table, chairs, and plants.

$16k — $18k

  • A 400ft wooden deck will cost anywhere from $16,000 to $18,000, depending on the shape and type of wood used. This size of wood deck is where many homeowners feel most comfortable. This size deck makes entertaining easy — whether it’s an intimate gathering or a kid’s birthday party.

$20k — $25k

  • If you are looking for a deck that can fit it all (chairs, sofas, tables, a pergola, and even a firepit), you can expect the wood decking price to range anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000. This will buy you about a 500 ft space with solid materials and craftsmanship.

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Estimated Composite Decking Prices

composite decking prices

The fastest growing wood deck alternative on the market, composite, boasts low-maintenance, long lifespan, and better yet — no splinters! All these benefits, however, are reflected in the composite decking price point. Remember, a premium product means a premium cost!

Here are the deck cost estimations for small, medium, and large composite decks:

$12k — $16k

  • The average size composite deck is one between 200 ft and 300 ft. This small yet spacious size tends to fit most homes and can mean anywhere between a $12,000 and a $16,000 budget.

$22k — 26k

  • A composite decking price of $22,000 to $26,000 can buy you a large deck of up to about 400ft. For a low-maintenance party space or relaxing oasis with water or fire features, and outdoor furniture, a 400 ft deck is more than enough.

$30k and Over

  • If bigger is better in your book, than a 500 ft deck is best! Expect to pay upwards of $30,000 for a 500 ft composite deck. We can tell you from experience, it’s well worth it!

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Most homeowners agree: a deck is an investment they enjoy for years! Compared to other home renovations, it is actually one of the more affordable upgrades to make. Decks are built quickly, add value to your home, and will be a cornerstone of how you have fun outdoors.

Take a look at some of the beautiful decks we’ve completed.

The Deck Restoration Alternative

deck restoration

Whether you are working with a tight budget or have money to spend, every homeowner is eager to find ways to save money on deck installation costs. And at Eby Exteriors, we’re eager to help you save money, too!

If you have a bare outdoor space, then you need to build your new deck from the ground up. However, if you already have a deck, a simple restoration could be just as effective as starting from scratch — and costs far less!

As part of deck restoration, we can replace your old deck boards, upgrade your railings, and add extra deck accessories like drink rails and built-in lighting schemes. All of these improvements breathe new life into your deck, making it even better than when it was brand new.

Find out more about deck restorations here.

Deck Cost Estimators in Lancaster County, PA

deck cost estimators

Our experienced team believes that every homeowner deserves a backyard entertaining space that they’re proud of.

Now that you know the baseline of deck installation costs, our team of estimators would love to speak with you and give you an even more accurate composite or wood deck quote — for FREE!

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