7 Deck Makeover Ideas Perfect for Summer

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You wouldn’t exactly say your deck deserves a feature on HGTV, but it does its job and you LOVE it! It’s one of your favorite places to spend time with friends on a nice Saturday afternoon or grilling for the family. Sure, your deck has seen better days, but you don’t want to drain the vacation fund to build a new one. That’s what our deck makeover ideas are perfect for — bringing new life and style into the deck you have (and like) now.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re home improvement specialists who bring you the very best version of your house. The right improvements and upgrades can make your deck look and feel new — without having to tear it down and rebuild. Some of our deck refresh ideas are DIY projects you can tackle over a weekend or two — while others are professional-caliber upgrades that we’d love to do for you.

4 DIY Deck Refreshes You Need to Know about

deck makeover ideas

The little things go a long way. If your deck is foundationally safe and sound, you want to make some upgrades to refresh the style. Fortunately, the right accessories and ideas make deck refreshes happen for less than you’d expect.

  1. Add an Area Rug — Some of the first things to show their age on a wooden deck are the deck boards themselves. Old boards both splinter and look perpetually discolored (sometimes even after you try to paint or stain them). Adding a decorative area rug is one of the best ways to invite new color to your deck and to limit the work you need to do on those old deck boards. Time and time again, we’ve seen that buying an outdoor rug in an eye-catching color is one of the best ways to transform an old deck.
  2. Paint the Railings — Just like the deck boards, the deck railings can show their age after a few years out in the sun. For a fairly small investment in time, repainting the railings makes your deck look newer and in all-around better shape. Plus, using an interesting shade of paint provides a distinct color accent for the rest of your deck. From a practical standpoint, paint typically holds better on deck railings than on deck boards.
  3. Accessorize — The right new accessories cast a fresh aesthetic light on your deck for the price of an afternoon of shopping. Some of the most popular accessories include potted plants and furniture — both of which can help disguise deck boards that have seen better days.
  4. Get Rustic — If something is showing its age, you don’t have to hide it — instead, embrace it! Adding the right rustic fixtures such as reclaimed wood pieces, a whiskey barrel table, and other artifacts makes your deck’s age an asset. In addition, you can enhance exposed wood by adding a rustic-style stain or by intentionally scraping it by hand.

Read our deck inspection guide — to make sure your outdoor space is safe.

3 Pro Deck Updates to Check Out

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While there’s a lot you can do on your own as a homeowner, for the bigger upgrades an expert set of hands is needed. These upgrades mostly involve the new installation that’s best left to expert deck builders. Here are the best updates for creating a big impact on a small budget.

  1. New Railings — While color goes a long way, you can make an even bigger impact with a new installation. Upgrading your drab railings to sleek aluminum ones adds an eye-catching modern style that will make your deck feel like new. Or you could add a game-changing new railing style, like a drink rail. Drink rails add usable bar space onto the railing that runs the length of your deck — combine this with some high top bar stools for all of the seating you’ll ever need.
  2. Lattice Wall — Privacy plus a 100% showstopper. Adding a lattice wall to one side of your open deck creates a new ambiance while giving you the privacy you need. Not only will this make your deck feel like a totally new place, but the customization options for your lattice wall are plentiful. Try planting ivy to grow on the lattice or simply adorn it with string lights.
  3. New Deck Boards — If you’re done painting or staining your deck, we can help with that. Upgrading to brand new composite deck boards can transform the surface level look from worn-out wood to eye-catching new composite. Plus, composite decks NEVER need painted or stained and they last a minimum of 25 years. Discover what a new deck really costs.

    Bonus Tip: New Exterior Door — Bringing a new, in-style door to your outdoor space can have a truly transformative effect. From a sleek, sliding glass option to an ornate French door, you have tons of choices for the style that completes your deck or patio. This deck makeover idea isn’t only aesthetic either, just like replacement windows, a brand-new glass door will be much more energy efficient. Plus, now is the perfect time for an exterior door upgrade because we’re running a sale on top-of-the-line patio doors!

Eby Exteriors to Bring Your Deck Makeover Ideas to Life

At Eby Exteriors, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners make their current houses into the dream homes they’ve always wanted. Whether you’re still hunting for inspiration — or you’re ready to move forward with a contractor, we’re glad to be of service.

If you want to transform your deck with a drink rail, a lattice wall, new deck boards, or something else — we’d love to bring your deck makeover to life. The first step is to contact us for a conversation — and a FREE quote!

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