Terranova Porch Addition – Stevens, PA – AWARD WINNING PROJECT

Terranova Porch Addition – Stevens, PA – AWARD WINNING PROJECT

  • Roof – Drexel Metal standing-seam steel 16″ width in Dark Bronze
  • Porch trim – Combination of Azek PVC moldings and porch ceiling with Boral composite, painted to match the existing trim colors on the house
  • Columns – HB&G Permacast composite columns, recessed panel with Tuscan base and cap
  • Gutter – built into porch roof using rubber base with downspout installed within a column

The homeowners wanted to add a new porch addition to give their guests some protection from the elements and enhance the style of their home. Mission accomplished! Our Space was limited between the top of the front door and the bottom of the foyer window so our design needed to be such to make the roof stand out but also create proper ceiling space under the porch. We crafted a vaulted ceiling. We also installed built-in gutters and drained them through one of the porch posts for several reasons. First we wanted to properly manage the water coming off the porch. Secondly, and more importantly, we didn’t want a gutter covering up the beautiful new Azek PVC trim that we installed around the face board of the porch. Finally, we built a new PVC lamp post out front as well to complement the porch.


Project Awards


Satisfied Homeowners

Thank you for the great work that was done. We are very pleased with the way the project turned out. It looks great and really adds to the house. Thanks again. Carl & Marcia Shantz – Akron, PA