Hansen Sunroom & Deck – Ephrata, PA – AWARD WINNING PROJECT

Hansen Sunroom & Deck – Ephrata, PA – AWARD WINNING PROJECT

  • Windows – Marvin Elevate fiberglass units, Pebble Gray exterior, White pine interior
  • Patio Door – Marvin Elevate Sliding unit, Pebble Gray exterior, White pine interior
  • Siding – match existing, add PVC lattice around foundation in Clay
  • Roofing – match existing
  • Decking & Deck Railing – Azek composite in Brownstone
  • Interior Flooring – wood laminate
  • Foundation – Techno Metal Post helical piles

The clients had only recently moved into their home and quickly discovered that their existing deck was often unusable because of the direct mid-day to late-afternoon sun. They also wanted a space that they could use in cooler temperatures, and yet still feel like they were closer to the outdoors. The results provided an attractive, functional, energy efficient sunroom and a lovely deck.

Eby Exteriors designed and built a new 16X14 (app) sunroom to replace the area where the existing deck stood. We then added a new, smaller deck to the northeast side of the new sunroom, which created a nice “sunblock” and made the new deck much more usable than the old one. We added a vaulted ceiling to give a feel of openness to the new sunroom as well. Because of the clients desire to use the sunroom throughout the year, we used a significant amount of cellulose insulation in the floor, walls, and ceiling of the sunroom. In order to keep the budget in check, we did not add the new room to the existing HVAC system. However, the homeowners planned to add heat with an electric space heater as needed. Also, with the amount of insulation the room has the ability for the room to remain cool, even in hot, sunny, conditions.

For the foundation we used Techno Metal Helical Posts. These can be installed with do digging which allows them to be installed quickly and with little to no disturbance to the lawn and landscaping. We covered the lower side of the room’s exterior with a PVC lattice

We are 100% satisfied with every aspect of the project. I am retired and was on site every day, and as my wife will attest, I obsess over every small detail. Every concern, and there were very few, was immediately addressed to my satisfaction. The finished product exceeded our expectations.   Rich Hansen – homeowner


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Client Experiences with Our Team

“If I could give a 15 star review, I would!! 5 stars isn’t enough. From Phil the President to his wonderful staff. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!! My wife and I love supporting small business. Eby Exteriors is top notch and they will always get our business. We just had new shutters put on our home and we couldn’t be happier!!! Shawn and Mike who did the installation were wonderful, Professional, very knowledgeable and just did a fantastic job!!! Eby Exteriors is 15 star, and we are just 100% satisfied and in the future, they will always get our business, GREAT company!!!!”