What Do Fiberglass Windows Cost?

fiberglass windows cost

Replacing old, worn out windows with top-of-the line alternatives can enhance the interior and exterior look of your home — while also making it more energy efficient. Fiberglass windows are a standout option for style, customization, and decades of performance. Since price research is a key part of planning and budgeting for any home improvement work, we’re breaking down what fiberglass windows cost — complete with our expert installation.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a leading window replacement company in Lancaster, PA and we often install Marvin fiberglass windows for our clients. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down average fiberglass window costs, but your exact project’s cost may vary (higher or lower). Keep reading to get an accurate estimate, and then reach out to get a quote for your project!

Average Fiberglass Window Price Breakdown

While fiberglass windows are more expensive than bottom-of-the-barrel vinyl windows, they outperform them in every way. Considering their gorgeous style and decades of performance, many homeowners actually regard them as a bargain. Here’s what the average fiberglass window price looks like (complete with installation):

Standard Double Hung Window: Approximately $1,000 Per Window

fiberglass window price

This no-frills fiberglass window provides exceptional performance at a strong price. With fiberglass inside and out, these double hung windows are an excellent entry point into the practical and stylish advantages that fiberglass provides. You can count on the Marvin windows in this price tier to be extremely easy to operate, last for decades, and have a sleek, modern look.

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Standard Casement Window: Approximately $1,200 Per Window

casement windows cost

The fiberglass window price goes up when it’s in a casement window compared to a double hung option. Casement windows are fantastic as they have an easy-to-operate crank and offer a completely unobstructed view. Just like the double hung options, these windows come in a no-frills sleek style and promise exceptional performance.

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Decorative Double Hung Window: Approximately $1,200 to $1,400 Per Window

double hung window price

You have a huge variety of add-ons, colors, and features to make your widows all your own. Making a stylistic statement can raise the fiberglass window cost — depending on what upgrades you choose. Real wood cladding on the window interior is one of the most popular options as it allows you to have the sought-after look of wooden windows with the price and advantages of fiberglass. You also have access to a variety of exterior colors through Marvin’s ultra-long-lasting acrylic finishes, including the ever popular black window frames!

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Decorative Window with Grids: Approximately $1,450

decorative fiberglass windows

A unique aesthetic that turns your new windows into a showstopper, adding a grid pattern to your windows creates a truly interesting look. A popular add-on for decorative fiberglass windows, grids can come between the panes of glass for easy cleaning. This has a minimal impact on price. Grids can also be installed on the outside of the glass to simulate the look of divided panes of glass. This will cost a bit more.

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Fiberglass Window Advantages

The reason that fiberglass windows cost more than basic vinyl windows is that they provide a huge range of benefits that make them a true investment in your home. These are the advantages to count on in every fiberglass window we install:

  1. Great Warranty — Thanks to Marvin Windows’ quality, all fiberglass windows we install come standard with a no-hassle 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. As great as that warranty is, you can expect them to last much, much longer! And a warranty is truly only as good as the company that stands behind it. Marvin has been in business in the US for over 100 years!
  2. Incredible Strength — While the style may be sleek, fiberglass is an EXTREMELY strong material, ranking as 7-times stronger than vinyl and twice as strong as steel! This means your windows are so much less likely to leak, crack, or fog. They will also operate consistently year after year.
  3. Gorgeous Slim Style — When you compare the two frames side-by-side, there’s no question that vinyl windows are downright bulky. Thanks to the strength of the material, fiberglass can be sleek and slim — which looks much better on your home and provides MORE VISIBLE GLASS AREA. Plus, you can’t expect the same level of exciting custom options that fiberglass provides on basic vinyl windows!

Want to dig into your aesthetic options? See some of the most popular exterior window trim styles.

Get Your Exact Fiberglass Window Cost

While these average fiberglass window prices are as accurate as an estimate can be, they are still an average. The only way to know what your new fiberglass window cost will be is to reach out to our team for an in-home consultation and quote. We’ll help you find the perfect style for your space and get you a quote to take care of everything.

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