Vinyl vs Fiberglass Patio Doors

vinyl vs fiberglass patio doors

If you’re like most American homeowners, your deck or patio is one of your favorite places to spend a beautiful summer afternoon. However, if you’re also like most homeowners, you have a downright TERRIBLE patio door because you didn’t know you had any other options. Unfortunately, the primary type of sliding patio door we see on homes these days are the problem-prone vinyl doors. We’d like to propose another possibility — a fiberglass patio door! Follow along as we explore vinyl vs fiberglass patio doors.

Whether you’re shopping to replace your junk patio door — or if you didn’t realize how tired you were of it until this very moment — Eby Exteriors is here to help. While you might think that almost anything is an improvement over the hard-to-open, out-of-style door you have now, the patio door you choose really does matter. Learn more about vinyl vs fiberglass patio doors and why fiberglass is the ONLY serious option.

6 Benefits of Fiberglass Sliding Doors

fiberglass patio doors

When comparing vinyl vs fiberglass patio doors, fiberglass is the clear winner — and it’s not even close. Fiberglass sliding doors are better in EVERY way, from the look, to the longevity, to the energy efficiency, and even to how easy they are to open.

Let’s break down the 6 reasons why your next patio door needs to be fiberglass:

  1. Maximum Glass — You want natural light? You got it! Fiberglass sliding door frames are significantly stronger than their vinyl counterparts. This extra strength means that the door can be mostly made of glass, not a bulky vinyl frame. Fiberglass means maximum glass in your door and maximum natural light in your home. So, how strong is fiberglass? See for yourself.
  2. Easy Operation — You know what it feels like to have to fight with a sliding door to get it open. No more! If you get a cheap new vinyl door with cheap plastic rollers and hardware, you’ll still have to fight with it. The extra strength of fiberglass and the overall quality of this deluxe material means it’s easy to open, every time.
  3. No Leaking — When comparing vinyl vs fiberglass patio doors, one of the biggest differences is the way vinyl frames leak air into your home. Vinyl windows are notorious for leaking, and a vinyl patio door takes that to a whole new level. On the other hand, fiberglass doors, just like fiberglass windows, have a tight seal that keeps your home free of drafts while staying energy-efficient.
  4. No Fogging — Fogging occurs when the panes of glass lose their seal and become infiltrated with outside air, creating a distinct foggy look. While it looks bad enough on a vinyl window in your living room, it looks even worse when a huge patio door is completely fogged. The biggest complaint we hear from homeowners about fogged vinyl patio windows is that it cheapens the feel of their entire area. Once again, you can trust fiberglass to prevent fogging.
  5. More Style Options — Patio doors dictate the style for not just one space, but two. The style of a patio door influences the indoor décor and the feel of your outdoor living space. That’s why the right style is essential. Since vinyl frames tend to be bulky, cheap, and offer few colors, they drastically reduce your design possibilities. With fiberglass sliding doors, you have a huge range of options, including French door styles, and ample color options that enhance your home’s look both inside and out.
  6. Longer Lifespan — While fiberglass patio doors cost slightly more upfront, you’ll get a better and longer performance from them. First of all, vinyl patio doors can start leaking air and fogging up, while fiberglass windows stay strong and airtight! While the vinyl option might be cheaper up front, the significantly longer lifespan means that fiberglass sliding doors are the better investment, no question.

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Learn More about Marvin Fiberglass Doors & Windows

fiberglass sliding doors

The best fiberglass windows and doors on the market are built by Marvin. Their version of fiberglass, called Ultrex, is a super-strong pultruded fiberglass with a beautiful acrylic finish. At Eby Exteriors, we’ve been proudly installing them for years! While these are certainly deluxe home products, they come at a better price-point than a full wooden option — while still offering all of the same benefits. They are also (of course) a much better long-term value than their vinyl counterparts.

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Another reason that you can trust Marvin? They stand behind their products with REAL warranties. Marvin offers a no-hassle 20-year warranty on their fiberglass patio doors and windows, but they will last WAY longer than that!

The huge range of styles, the superior lifespan and durability, along with the fair price — these are ALL reasons homeowners love Marvin. Plus, for a limited time right now we’re running a deal on Marvin fiberglass sliding doors.

Get Your Free Fiber Glass Door Installation Quote

Now that you know the definitive answer to vinyl vs fiberglass patio doors, you’re ready for the next step. That means a quote to replace your piece-of-junk patio door with a state-of-the-art fiberglass sliding door.

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