Marvin vs Andersen Windows

marvin vs andersen windows

There’s no question that Marvin Windows and Andersen Windows are two of the biggest names in replacement windows. Both of these national companies supply windows that prioritize style, customization, and reliability. To help homeowners make the decision on which brand to choose for their home, we’re exploring Marvin vs Andersen windows right here.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a Lancaster, PA window replacement company and a Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor. While we do install more Marvin windows than Andersen, we’re going to be objective when we compare both, highlighting the pros and cons of each option. We’ve spent hours comparing these two brands, and here’s what we’ve found!

We Compare Marvin and Andersen Windows

When we compare Marvin and Andersen Windows, it is essential that we are looking at equivalent product lines. In today’s guide, we’ll be comparing the top-of-the-line Marvin Signature window to the upscale Andersen E-Series. In addition, we’re going to compare the line of Marvin Elevate fiberglass windows to the Andersen Fibrex TW400.

compare marvin and andersen windows

Pictured: Ultimate Wood Single Hung Windows From the Marvin Signature Collection

compare marvin elevate fiberglass windows vs andersen fibrex tw400

Pictured: Elevate Casement Fiberglass Windows From the Marvin Elevate Collection

Keep reading as we compare Marvin and Andersen windows in all of the most important categories:

Window Material

  • Both of the high-end windows (Marvin Signature and Andersen E-Series) are built with wood frames with exterior aluminum cladding. Both of these options will be ultra-strong with in-style slim frames. When it comes to the strength of these two lines, it’s a tie.

    Marvin Elevate window frames are built from ultra-durable fiberglass that is stronger than steel. This allows Marvin Elevate windows to have more visible glass. In comparison, though, Fibrex windows are NOT made of fiberglass like the name suggests but are made of a blend of wood pulp and vinyl shavings. This Fibrex composite is far weaker than the other three windows and lacks the longevity. One other issue with the Fibrex frames is that they use vinyl wrapped sashes, which expand and contract in the sun. This can cause stress and cracking at the corners which undermines the performance.

Custom Options

  • When comparing the high-end Marvin vs Andersen windows, here’s a place Marvin really pulls ahead. Marvin Signature windows are fully customizable, meaning that everything from the window type to the molding, the grid pattern, and more can be custom-made. The color options are also a plus for Marvin as they offer 19 standard colors, and they also give you the option to create a true custom color to match your home siding. Andersen’s E-Series performs well, too, by offering several different wood species and 50 different standard colors, but Marvin is simply better in this category with more, and better, options.

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    Marvin Elevate only has 6 color options to choose from, compared to 11 for Fibrex, but they are all gorgeous. In addition, the color choices for Marvin are guaranteed to last in the elements because of their proprietary acrylic exterior finish. We’ve seen some Fibrex windows, on the other hand, that have lost their luster after just a few short years on your home.

Energy Efficiency

  • Here’s a point in our Marvin vs Andersen Windows comparison where all lines do very well! All four of these window options use fantastic glass that will prove to be highly energy efficient! However, Elevate windows are made of fiberglass, which is a natural insulator. When comparing the entire unit and just the glass energy efficiency, Marvin Elevate windows are more energy efficient.

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  • One of the best ways to know the quality of a product is to see how long the manufacturer will stand behind it. That’s why the warranty is a must-explore point when we compare Marvin and Andersen Windows. Marvin Signature windows come with a 20-year parts warranty on the glass, the wood frame, and the exterior aluminum cladding. The Andersen E-Series warranty is very similar, except their wood frame warranty is only 5 years.

    Although it is more affordable, the Marvin Elevate line is nearly as good as the top options. Elevate comes with a 10-year warranty on the exterior finish and a 20-year warranty on the glass. Once again, Fibrex is the odd man out, as they won’t last nearly as long. In particular, we’ve seen the coating of Fibrex windows peel off and split apart after only a few years of use. However, the Fibrex TW400 series does come with a 10-year warranty.

    One final note here: because Eby Exteriors is an Authorized Marvin Window Replacement Contractor, we are able to offer a full 20-year installation warranty and a 10-year parts warranty on Marvin Signature or Elevate windows. That means that if anything goes wrong with your windows in the first 10 years, Marvin handles the parts and Eby takes care of the labor — and you don’t pay anything.


  • This point of comparison depends on your contractor and the window tier you want to buy. While the pricing on Marvin Signature and Andersen E-Series will likely be fairly comparable, we believe Marvin is a better value and the better long-term option as the warranty is better and the custom options are truly second to none.

    When it comes to comparing Marvin Elevate and Andersen Fibrex, though, the choice is clear. Marvin Elevate is a standout product offered at a reasonable price point. It is gorgeous and durable, and it comes protected by an outstanding warranty. Fibrex is simply not as reliable of a product. Not only is the frame weaker and the color at-risk to wash out, but the windows just don’t have the attractive look that you deserve if you’re investing in your home.

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A Note About Renewal By Andersen

Oftentimes when we discuss Marvin vs Andersen windows with customers, Renewal By Andersen comes up — and there are some misconceptions about it. Renewal By Andersen is a separate franchise that leases the famous Andersen brand name to do window installations. They are more similar to Eby Exteriors as a contractor than to Andersen, the manufacturer.

However, that’s where the comparisons to Eby Exteriors go out the window. Renewal By Andersen is unfortunately best known for their pushy sales tactics and door-to-door cold calling approach. They are famous for offering big sales gimmicks and starting with huge price quotes, just so they can pretend to offer you a deal. That’s not how we operate, though. With Eby Exteriors, you get the best price upfront!

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One of the reasons that we can compare Marvin vs Andersen Windows is that we have more than 20 years of experience installing windows throughout Central PA. We’ve seen products perform admirably for satisfied customers and we’ve replaced products that failed before their time.

If you’d like to bring the Eby Exteriors difference to your window project, we’d love to talk. Reach out right now for a no-pressure conversation!

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