Exterior Window Trim Styles You Need to See

exterior window trim

New windows can be a beautiful thing. The exterior window trim style you choose can help create your home’s style and unique sense of curb appeal. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting some of the standout trim styles that we install to help you find the one that inspires you.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a window installer that specializes in both the energy-efficient practicality of new windows as well as the way they enhance your home’s look. Keep reading to discover the differences between window trim styles and what types of homes they best accompany. However, if you’d rather talk than read, our friendly and knowledgeable home designers are ready to discuss your options.

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Outdoor Window Trim Ideas

While it often is a practical problem like cracking, leaking, or fogging that starts the window replacement process, there is so much opportunity to update your home’s style. The outdoor window trim style you choose is one of the most important parts about choosing new windows. These are the key outdoor window trim styles you need to know:

No Trim

outdoor window trim

Minimal and modern, the first outdoor window trim idea is to have no window trim at all. By doing away with trim and having the siding flush with the window frame itself, you create a simple yet intriguing look. This look is often seen on mid-century modern houses, however it can look outstanding on any home. Plus, since this isn’t the norm, it can actually prove much more eye-catching than a traditional trim.

Flat Trim

flat exterior window trim

This is the most common outdoor window trim option that comes along with the majority of new windows. This trim style is thin and comes in simple colors, which are often matched to the home siding color. To make this option a little more exciting, including a decorative windowsill is a popular add-on.

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Shutters and Trim

shutters with outdoor window trim

When done correctly, this traditional option can bring a classic elegance to your home. Often seen on farmhouse style homes, shutters can bring a strong pop of color to any siding. One key thing that separates authentic looking shutters from imitators is if the shutters are wide enough to cover the entire window. On a classic farmhouse from which the style was inspired, the shutters always accommodate the full width of the window.

Molded Window Trim

molded exterior window trim

This outdoor window trim type creates the most elaborate look and can be a true showstopper up close. Molded window trim can incorporate a wide range of patterns, including everything from fluting or beading to simple shapes and patterns. This is the trim option for homeowners who want to truly personalize every inch of their home.

Masonry Casing

masonry casing outdoor window trim

For rare homes, masonry casing around new windows is the perfect complement. This adds a grand look that immediately stands out compared to the standard choices. In particular, masonry casing is a great choice to complement the unique look of a stucco home.

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The Eby Exteriors Difference

If you’ve been looking into or shopping for new windows for any amount of time, you know there are TONS of companies that offer window trims. However, there are a few things that set Eby Exteriors apart that we want to share with you.

First and foremost, we’re a no-pressure organization from the top to the bottom. We won’t send out a pushy, high-pressure salesman that has a quota to meet. Instead, you’ll have a conversation with a skilled outdoor designer.

In addition, we look at every project as a combination of style and practicality. While you may need to replace leaky builder grade windows, selecting new windows is also a chance to make your home just a little more beautiful. Ultimately, we see everything as a chance to enhance the look of your home.

Get a Quote and Discuss Exterior Window Trim

New windows are an ideal chance to enhance your home’s curb appeal. You have ample options for the exact style that works with your current home and speaks to your desired outdoor décor. The next step is an in-home consultation with a designer from the Eby Exteriors team. During the conversation, we’ll find the exterior window trim that completes your home and we’ll provide you with a quote at the same time.

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