5 Popular Entry Door Styles

entry door styles

The perfect front door can be the touch that ties your home curb appeal together. Right now, you have more choices for entry door styles than ever before. Whether you want simplicity from your front door or a true style showstopper — you’ll find it.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re the home improvement company that designs for beauty and builds for long-lasting quality. In this blog we’re exploring the in-demand front door designs that you can choose from right now. Get to know the 5 most popular entry door styles — and find the one that’s right for your home!

Trending Front Door Designs

Choosing a new front door is exciting because it allows you to make a pretty noticeable impact on what your house looks like, without draining the vacation fund! Plus, unless you have a distinctly-styled home, you’re not locked into any specific front door design — ANY of these 5 styles can be yours!

Check out the most-popular front door designs:


traditional front door design

This entry door style doesn’t feature any glass on the door itself, foregoing it in favor of raised panels and patterns. While the door itself won’t have glass panes, sidelights can be added to invite in natural light.


craftsmen front door design

This front door design has been making huge style headlines over the last few years. While craftsmen doors were first made popular with craftsmen houses, they look fantastic paired with almost any home. You’ll be able to tell a craftsmen style door by the panes of glass in the upper third of the door panel which are separated from the rest of the door by trim or molding.


modern front door design

The modern style puts a focus on clean, streamlined looks — and that holds true in this entry door style. Rather than having complex patterns, modern doors often incorporate one large panel of glass or a few small panels in the center of the frame. Typically, this is a polarizing look — most people either love it or hate it.


ornate front door design

Quite possibly the most popular front door design, particularly when you want to draw attention to your house. The most standout feature of this style door is the ornate glass shapes in the middle of the panel itself. Some particularly ornate doors also feature metal detail work overlaying the glass. In our area, this door design is a particularly popular choice for contemporary and colonial homes.


rustic front door design

Another niche design, rustic doors don’t have the same focus on incorporating glass into the door design as modern, craftsmen and ornate options do. If anything, rustic style doors will feature a few small windows near the top of the door like a craftsmen style. However, just because they have less glass doesn’t mean they are any less interesting. Rustic doors often feature a beautiful faux wood look that makes them stand out compared to every other door on the block.

Why We Prefer ProVia Doors

At Eby Exteriors, we’re proud to install ProVia entry doors for our customers. Not only does ProVia offer a wide range of gorgeous styles, but their doors also boast unbeatable construction and other practical benefits.

These fiberglass doors are designed to be one of the most energy-efficient options on the market. Because their doors are built thicker and with superior insulation, you’ll notice a drop in your heating and cooling bills when you upgrade. In addition, ProVia stands behind their work with no-hassle manufacturers warranties.

Schedule a Consultation to See More Entry Door Styles

While these are some of our favorite entry door styles, there are countless other options available too. One of the best ways to find the ideal front door that enhances your home is to have a consultation with one of our exterior experts.

We’ll help you find the perfect style — and give you our price. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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