Black Fiberglass Windows: The Hottest Trend of 2021

black window frames

Open a magazine, watch some HGTV, or scroll through your favorite outdoor style blog — you won’t be able to miss them. Black window frames are the single HOTTEST exterior style trend in 2021, and it’s not hard to see why. See how versatile this style can be — and discover why black fiberglass windows are the best option on the market.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re your local exterior contractor who specializes in all of your window, door, and siding needs. See all the ways to use black fiberglass windows with your house — and learn why they’re a better buy than black vinyl!

Why Black Window Frames are Trending

black fiberglass window frames

The look is truly one-of-a-kind, no doubt about that. Homeowners are falling in love with the simple yet ultra-bold style. Black makes a statement both on your interior and the exterior of your home.

While sleek black is often associated with modern décor, black window frames are such a phenomenon right now due to their versatility. There’s no question that the style matches with contemporary designs like new builds, but it also pairs well with some older style homes like farmhouses.

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black window frame installation

The versatility of black window frames extends to the color of the home siding as well. Clean white vinyl siding offset against the black framed windows is one of the most classic color combinations, but we’ve seen non-traditional examples look equally eye-catching. Even darker blue vinyl hues can be enhanced by these trendsetting windows.

While these windows break all the rules and expectations when it comes to where they can and can’t be installed — and what types of colors they best match with — there are a few stylistic rules for using black windows effectively. Generally, the sleeker the profile on black windows, the better the overall look. In addition, homeowners typically let the windows stand out on their own, without any external shutters. Finally, when it comes to the window trim, you can choose to double-down on black trim or try a complementary color like clay or brown.

The Risks of Black Vinyl Windows

When you want to bring that cutting-edge style to your renovation, you want to make sure you ONLY install black fiberglass windows. While black vinyl windows might look almost the same and check in at a cheaper price point, the vinyl window downsides are EVEN WORSE in black.

Black vinyl window downsides:

  • The expansion and contraction that destroys vinyl windows is worse in black, as black materials absorb more heat. This can drastically limit the lifespan on your stunning new windows.
  • One of the key components of the modern black window style is the sleek frames. However, bulky vinyl windows can never truly look sleek — even in black.
  • The hue of any and all vinyl windows fades rapidly. You bought these windows for their unique color — don’t let it fade away simply because you chose vinyl.

All three of these big downsides keep us from truly recommending black vinyl options. Instead, at Eby Exteriors, we endorse black fiberglass windows from Integrity. We count them as the best black windows on the market because the frames are slim yet strong, the fiberglass resists expansion and contraction, and because the color won’t fade. Simply put, your fiberglass windows will look as good — and be as strong — in year 20 as they are in year 1.

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Black Fiberglass Window Installation

For farmhouses and new builds, for white vinyl or deep blue siding — black frame windows have earned their place. While everyone knows that it’s the hottest exterior trend for 2021, you now know that black fiberglass windows are the smartest way to make this magazine-worthy style yours.

Style tip: Pair new black windows with custom trim to elevate the look of your home! See the top exterior window trim styles to get inspired.

black window installation

When it comes to the black window installation itself, Eby Exteriors is the local window installation team to trust. Not only do we have decades of experience installing windows throughout central PA, we also specialize in installing the black fiberglass windows that are so trendsetting today. Contact us today to learn more about the right style and the right product for your home — as well as to get your FREE black fiberglass window estimate!

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