Our Pick for the Best Window Replacement Brand

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You know you need windows for your home — and you don’t plan to settle for second best. While there are countless big and small window companies (some even send pushy salesmen door-to-door), there’s only ONE choice for the best window replacement brand. At Eby Exteriors, we proudly install Marvin Windows and consider them the best option on the market!

We’re a total home improvement company with more than two decades of experience helping homeowners achieve their dream-come-true houses. Replacing windows is one of the most common jobs we perform, so we’ve taken a hands-on look at all of the leading and budget window companies. We still confidently say that Marvin is the overall best window replacement brand!

6 Reasons to Love Marvin Windows

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The market for replacement windows is more crowded than ever before. Both ultra-expensive windows and bottom-of-the-barrel vinyl windows are competing for space on your house. However, despite all of these options, we endorse Marvin Windows — and recommend them to the majority of our replacement window customers.

We believe Marvin is the best window replacement brand because of their style, their quality, and their story. Here are the 6 reasons to love Marvin Windows:

  1. Superior Material Quality — Windows spend decades in the elements, so they need to be built tough. Marvin products are built with superior materials throughout. For example, the stronger-than-steel pultruded fiberglass frames of the Essential and Elevate Series have a beautiful acrylic finish that is applied with a patented process. The wood-framed Signature Series and Modern Series have a super-thick extruded aluminum exterior that is coated with a commercial-grade high performance PVDF fluoropolymer paint. This finish meets the toughest American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605 standard.

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  2. Strong Warranties — If a manufacturer trusts their product enough to stand by it with a quality warranty, that’s a sign you can trust it, too. Marvin products come with a range of no-hassle warranties, including lifetime and transferable warranties. While you should ask about the specific warranty on the product line you are looking at, you can feel confident that all Marvin warranties are reliable.
  3. They’ve Been Around for 100+ Years — Marvin Windows has been in business for over 100 years and you can expect them to remain prominent going forward. The reason this matters in relation to the best window replacement brand is because it means you can count on the company to be around to support your windows and honor any warranties. Some very cheap vinyl window brands offer unlimited warranties, but end up closing their doors, leaving customers without help.

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  4. Style Options Are Essentially Unlimited — One other thing that makes Marvin Windows the best window replacement brand is that they can enhance almost any home style. Whether you want to craft a modern home décor or something more traditional, you have options. Marvin builds an enormous range of diverse styles and lines, meaning we can help you find multiple options that create your dream home exterior style.
  5. Custom Choices are Always Available — However, if you don’t see something you like from Marvin’s massive style catalogue, you can always commission custom windows for your home. Whether you have plans calling for custom colors, unique millwork, beading, or anything else, we can help you get fully custom Marvin Windows for your home.

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  6. Built in America by a Family-Owned Company — While this might not be a prerequisite to get the best windows for your home, a lot of customers appreciate supporting a family-owned American company. When you buy Marvin Windows, you can feel good that you are helping to keep jobs in the USA!

Lancaster’s Authorized Replacement Contractor

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We don’t just endorse Marvin Windows, though — they endorse us right back. At Eby Exteriors, we’re an Authorized Marvin Replacement Contractor. This means our team has access to special trainings and materials to ensure our work with this excellent product is absolutely top-notch.

If you want the very best windows for your home, you want Marvin — and we’re the Lancaster County team you can trust for the skilled, authorized installation!

Get a Quote to Bring the Best Window Replacement Brand Home

For outstanding durability, unbeatable craftsmanship, and a wide range of gorgeous styles — Marvin Windows are our pick for the best window replacement brand on the market. If you’re ready to take the next step, our team is ready to talk. Start the conversation with one of our window experts to discuss your style, your needs, and your budget.

Reach out today to get started, and see how amazing your house will look and feel!

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