Stucco Remediation: How It’s Done & FAQs

stucco remediation

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There’s no question that stucco is one of the most beautiful siding materials ever created. The gorgeous color and the intricate, up-close texture — everything about stucco is perfect for a standout upscale style. However, all of that beauty can come at a cost. If the installation wasn’t performed correctly — or if the product was faulty — the stucco can leak, grow mold, and cause large-scale damage to your house. That’s why stucco remediation is one of the most important services we offer.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re an upscale home improvement company that specializes in stucco remediation and repair. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down how it’s done and answering your key questions — including approximately how much it’ll cost! Keep reading to learn all about fixing stucco problems or to start the conversation with our experts right now!

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5 Steps for Fixing Stucco

If your house has a stucco leak, it needs to be fixed ASAP — there’s no way of getting around it. If you leave it alone, the rot and mold can destroy the walls of your home. Plus, you wouldn’t be able to sell your house either, since ANY home inspector will find this damage. Our process for fixing stucco will eliminate mold and leave your house 100% leak free — guaranteed. These are the steps we take to ensure your stucco remediation is successful:

  1. Identify the Problem — Since the cost to remove and replace stucco can be high, we always first confirm that you have a problem before you sign on for the job. In order to do this, we encourage you to have a moisture test done by a 3rd-party. This can cost several hundred dollars, depending upon the company that is hired, but it’s well worth it to be sure that you have a problem BEFORE investing thousands of dollars in remediation. If no problem is discovered, you’ve bought yourself peace of mind. In some cases, for a small fee, we’ll also cut open a small section to look for the telltale signs of rot, mold, and other damage.
  2. Remove Damaged Stucco Pieces — Once it is confirmed that your home has a stucco leak or damage, our teams get to work removing the damaged stucco exterior to get to the area underneath. Depending on how the material was installed, we may be able to pull off large chunks at a time, which cuts down on the tear-off time.

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  3. Address the Underlying Problems — Once all of the damaged wall surface has been removed, we can begin the stucco remediation process in earnest. This often includes mold remediation and replacing wet insulation that is a breeding ground for new mold growth. Depending on the extent of the leak, we may even need to replace damaged wall studs and wall panels as well. From everything we’ve seen over decades of fixing stucco, the longer the leak is left alone, the more the damage spreads. Simply put, if you have stucco and are suspicious of a leak, it’s much better to get a clear picture of what’s happening now rather than later.
  4. Check for Doors and Windows with Issues — If something is wrong with your stucco due to shoddy installation, it’s entirely possible that your windows and doors might have something amiss as well. In addition, a widespread stucco leak can also destroy the framing of doors or windows, too. Since the house is already stripped down and prepped for work, it’s highly-efficient and cost-effective to make those improvements, too.
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  5. Re-Wrap and Re-Side — After fixing stucco and the underlying issues, we will re-wrap your house and add a completely new layer of siding. If you want to stick with stucco, our teams will install brand new stucco siding that won’t have any of the old problems — guaranteed. However, if you want to create a different curb appeal style, we offer countless other types of style-forward siding, including James Hardie fiber cement and Everlast composite siding.

Exploring the Cost to Remove and Replace Stucco

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If you suspect stucco remediation is needed for your home, one of your first questions is naturally going to be about the cost. The cost to remove and replace stucco varies greatly depending on the size of your home and whether the damage is localized or widespread. However, for a whole-house stucco tear off and siding replacement, we estimate the price to be between $50,000 and $100,000 for everything.

These are some of the other stucco FAQs we hear:

  • Why is stucco seen as an unreliable material? Stucco is only an unreliable material if a low-quality product line was used or if it was installed hastily by unreliable crews. When an expert siding contractor handles the job, it is very reliable.
  • How long does stucco remediation take? Once again, this answer depends on the scope of work required, but the total project on average lasts anywhere from 10 days to 18 days. Since you’ll be seeing a lot of your contractors, it’s important you like and feel comfortable around them — meet our team right here. The long duration of the project is a major factor in the cost to remove and replace stucco.
  • Can you live in the house during remediation? You absolutely can, and almost everyone we’ve ever done this work for has done so. However, the work of fixing stucco can be noisy, and we do recommend taking everything off the walls to ensure they stay safe.

Get Your Stucco Remediation Inspection & Quote

If you suspect your stucco is leaking, you need to find out ASAP! If nothing is wrong, you’ll have total peace-of-mind. But if we find something amiss, we can give you a quote for expert stucco remediation on the spot. Simply put: you have nothing to lose — reach out and start the conversation with our experts right now!

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