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Water Kills Houses

It’s a fact – Water Kills Houses! And while everyone notices and deals with obvious leaks they may have, our years of experience as a replacement contractor have taught us that many houses have leaks that are causing all kinds of UNSEEN problems.

Keeping your house dry is a BIG DEAL, yet many homeowners have water issues and don’t even know it. These UNSEEN problems can lead to VERY EXPENSIVE REPAIRS later on, not to mention the unhealthy air you may be breathing right now!

Some of these issues fester for years before they show up in a visible way. By then the damage is already done. Many people don’t learn of the problem until they try to sell their house and the problems are detected with a home inspection. Now they have to SPEND THOUSAND OF DOLLARS repairing something that might have easily been fixed when the damage was minor.

Whether the leak is caused by poor workmanship, faulty/inferior materials, lack of maintenance, or simply Mother Nature doing her thing over time, NO HOUSE – NO MATTER WHAT IT’S AGE – IS IMMUNE to these potential problems!

Over the years, we’ve identified 7 key areas through which unseen moisture may be invading your home. They include the roof, basement and foundation, gutters and downspouts, doors, windows, exterior cladding, and ventilation. We will discuss these areas in a series of 7 blog posts in further detail.

Water Damage

Infographic: Did You Know Water Kills Houses?

It’s a known fact that Water Kills Houses. Many homeowners

Leaky Roof

How to Protect Your Home from Water/Moisture Damage

Water Kills Houses, Part 1 in Series – The ROOF

Basement Foundation Water Damage

Water/Moisture Damage in Your Basement or Foundation

Water Kills Houses, Part 2 in Series – Basement/Foundation

Water Kills Houses Gutters

How To Ensure Gutters Are Working Properly

Water Kills Houses, Part 3 in Series – Gutters

Leaky Windows

Could Your Windows Be Leaking?

Water Kills Houses, Part 5 in Series – Windows

Door Frame Rot

Are Your Doors Rotting?

Water Kills Houses Part 4 in Series – Doors

Mold Under Siding

Siding/Exterior Cladding

Water Kills Houses Part 6 in Series – Siding/Exterior Cladding

Roof Ventilation

Attic Ventilation Problems

Water Kills Houses Part 7 in Series – Ventilation   

We offer a “Water Kills Houses” EXTERIOR ENVELOPE INSPECTION which is a 1-hour VISUAL INSPECTION of all 7 key areas. We will get onto the roof, go into your attic (if safely accessible), check out the basement (if applicable), inspect the landscape, take a ladder and check out the gutters, windows, the exterior cladding, and inspect the doors. After the inspection we will prepare a written report letting you know that:

  1. From what we can see, the exterior envelope of your home is water tight* OR
  2. We’ve identified 1 or more suspect areas (along with recommendations for further investigation/action and a cost proposal) AND/OR
  3. We’ve identified 1 or more clear problem areas (along with recommendations for further investigation/action and a cost proposal.

Call us today to schedule your “Water Kills Houses” home inspection!

*Disclaimer: Any inspection of premises by Eby Exteriors, Inc. (the "Company"), including an inspection of structures built upon such premises, shall only entail the Company's visual inspection of the premises and related structures for conditions readily observable concerning current or prior water leakage, moisture, or dampness, or areas susceptible to the development of these issues. Any such inspection shall not be construed by any party as a guarantee or warranty that such issues will not develop upon the premises or in any structure(s) at any time in the future.