Home Improvement Job FAQ: Is Construction a Good Career?

is construction a good career

As a growing company, Eby Exteriors has been looking to expand the teams that make our work and our success possible. While we’re always happy to hire experienced veteran contractors, we’re also willing to extend opportunities to high-character individuals new to the industry. In the course of hiring and being an active member of the local community, one of the most common questions we hear is, “is construction a good career?” We can emphatically say that when you work for a stellar company, doing home improvement construction is a GREAT job — you can expect competitive pay, interesting work, and a ton of other practical advantages!

If you’re considering this career path (either as a career change or for your first job) and are wondering, “is construction a good career,” we’ll break down all of the advantages of doing construction with a remodeling company you might not have thought about yet. Keep reading to learn more about the upsides of the home renovation career field — and consider applying to join the Eby Exteriors team.

Real Advantages of a Home Renovation Career

home renovation career

There are a lot of reasons to love working on the Eby Exteriors team. These are the most common reasons that we hear from our team as to the real benefits of a home renovation career:

  1. Variety in What You Do — If you can’t stand the idea of doing the same thing day after day, this will speak to you. Since there is so much variety in the projects we do, you don’t have to worry about having a monotonous job. Even if you’re on the same jobsite for weeks, you’ll be doing varied things and tackling different parts of the project every day.
  2. No College Degree Needed — Here’s an advantage of a home renovation career that is more important to people than ever. Not only do you not have to wait a minimum of four years to get started on your career, but you get to skip the student loans, too! If you went to trade school, that’s an advantage but it isn’t mandatory — we’re happy to provide all of the on-the-job training you need.

    Read what installer Evan Kane said about on-the-job training with Eby Exteriors.
  3. Great Pay — This is one of the important factors when people ask us, “Is Construction a Good Career?” While most construction jobs generally pay well, home improvement construction work tends to pay better than average. At Eby Exteriors, the pay in this field often beats other junior level jobs, and there is huge potential to increase your earnings as you become more skilled! Plus, there is ample opportunity to grow into a leadership position.

    Hear what Tim Martin said about growing his career.
  4. Benefits — While this may differ from company to company, at Eby Exteriors, we offer a strong benefits package, including medical and retirement.
  5. Being Outside — If being trapped in an office for 40+ hours a week stresses you out, then this will make a difference to you. On many different projects, you’ll enjoy being outside for a large portion of the day. We often hear our workers tell us that this is an unexpected upside of a home renovation career.
  6. Social Job — Not only will you be working outside, but with Eby Exteriors, the job site tends to be a social place. You’re not going to have to sit quietly for 8 hours every day — there will be plenty of time to talk and joke with the team while getting your work knocked out. Plus, there is a great feeling of working as a team to complete a huge project together.
  7. Pride in a Job Well Done — Unless you’ve built something really gorgeous with your bare hands, you might not know the feeling. However, there is a tangible sense of pride that comes from knowing you built something exceptional that you can see and feel. This is a deeply satisfying part of having a home renovation career that many people come to sincerely appreciate.
  8. Help People — Feeling the appreciation from homeowners after a job well done can be very rewarding in and of itself. Whether you helped someone with an emergency repair or you built a dream-come-true part of their home, it feels wonderful knowing you made a difference to them.

    See what Lead Service Tech Andrew Stauffer says about helping homeowners out of a jam.
  9. Can DIY Your Own Home — One of the biggest reasons to consider a home renovation career is that you’ll learn the skills that you can use on your own home. These skills will help you save tons of money over the years of owning and renovating your home.

Learn More About Joining the Team

We hope we were able to answer your question, “is construction a good career” with the real advantages — and a focus on the home improvement construction niche. If you’re interested in taking the first steps into a home renovation career, we encourage you to reach out. The idea that guides our hiring philosophy of many positions is that the character of the individuals and their willingness to learn is more essential than the skills they already have. We have a great team of experts that can teach the skills — and we need the right person to learn them!

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