Historic Home Renovation

historic home renovation

Living in a historic home comes with an undeniable charm — and a unique set of challenges. When one of the original pieces of the home needs replaced, repaired, or renovated, it is a much more complicated process than on a typical contemporary house. Not only are there additional challenges that come with working on a 100+ year old property, but you must also ensure that the historic home renovation doesn’t undermine the authentic qualities of the house. Bottom line: you need to work with a company that has both the skills to properly repair your historic home, and respects the unique privilege of preserving the character of these spaces.

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a full-service home improvement company that specializes in high-end renovations. While we aren’t exclusively historical renovation contractors, this is a field we are experienced with and enjoy doing. Keep reading to learn more about our options for historic home renovation and start the conversation with our team!

Your Options When Renovating Historic Houses

renovating historic houses

Older houses are beautiful pieces of history. They give us true windows into the past. However, above all, they are also homes that real people live in. That means that things can go wrong with them and need to be fixed, just like with any house. Repairing and renovating historic houses is about keeping the authentic character intact while fixing problems and increasing the comfort and livability.

These are the most common historic home renovation projects that Eby Exteriors performs:

  • Window Replacement — Windows on older homes often leak both air and water, making the home uncomfortable and leading to other issues.
  • Siding Replacement — Historic wooden siding may be beautiful and authentic, but water infiltration and mold are a risk to threaten the entire structure.
  • Porch Renovation — One of the most common projects when renovating historic homes, upgrading the porch often entails updating the ceiling, boards, columns, balusters, and more.
  • Door Replacement — Older doors often leak air and water — and are notoriously difficult to open.
  • Roof Replacement — In time, almost any roof needs replaced to keep the house secure against the elements.

When tackling any of these projects on historic houses, you have an important choice. You can do the upgrades with 100% traditional materials for a fully authentic job — however, this will be more expensive and less friendly to the modern way of life. On the other hand, you can match the historical look, while still using 21st century products.

At Eby Exteriors, our historical renovation contractors give you both options — depending on your personal preference and the potential requirements of a historical district.

What to Look for in Historical Renovation Contractors

Finding the right contractor for any home improvement project is always about matching a company’s character and specialties to your specific needs. This holds especially true when vetting a company for a historic home renovation project. Here are some of the key traits to look for in qualified historical renovation contractors:

  1. Modern or Authentic Material Options — One of the most important factors in historic home renovation is a company that can offer you the option to go with real authentic materials — or convincing modern upgrades. We have fantastic options for whichever renovation style you choose!
  2. Has Recommended Historical Materials — Since these materials will play such an important role in completing the look of your home, you want to work with a company that has a large catalog of materials to fit the job. You do not want your contractor to be trying unknown materials for the first time using your beloved house as the test.

    Some examples of historically accurate modern materials include synthetic slate roofs, faux cedar shakes, composite siding that looks just like wood, and modern windows that can have the same distinct look as real antique windows — yet are modern and energy-efficient.
  3. Experienced With This Work — Don’t trust a historic project to a first-time contractor. There are so many specific challenges and potential pitfalls that working with a veteran historic renovation contractor is a must. The Eby Exteriors crews are both experienced with this type of work and enjoy the chance to take on projects like this. We have a track record of success with historic renovations in our own community.
  4. Able to Strategize With and Advocate for You — While getting approval for most remodeling projects is simple enough, when there is a historic component, it can become more complicated. There is the potential for your project to need approval from a municipality or historical commission before you can move forward. If that happens, it’s good to have an experienced team on your side. We can provide strategies to help you get approval, or we can even go to the meeting and make your case. Experience with every aspect of renovating historic homes (even the bureaucratic parts) is why you want to have an expert on your team.

Discuss Your Historic Home Renovation With Us

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The first step of a historic home renovation project is always a conversation. We encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss your goals, your budget, and some ideas of how you’d like to proceed. Our team will be able to provide you with our perspective and a price to take care of everything.

Contact us to start the conversation and to request a home consultation!

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