Eby Exteriors Employee Spotlight: Evan Kane

Considering completely changing careers is stressful, no question. However, it can turn out fantastic when you make the right move! Evan Kane switched from working in trucking to joining the Eby Exteriors team at the beginning of 2021. He agreed to share his story of the experience and his new career!

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Career Questions

What made you want to change careers and get into home improvement?

  • The schedule and benefits were the biggest thing. I wanted a normal schedule to have more time with my family. On the benefits side, I went from having just vacation as a benefit to having a full benefits package. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed home improvement and been around construction — whether DIY at home or with different family member’s businesses.

What was it like learning on the job at Eby Exteriors?

  • Every single person is willing to teach you — if you are ready to learn. My training was a good mix of shadowing guys on the team — and trying stuff on my own with them making fun of me when I got it wrong and had to fix it…in the nicest way possible!

How was the company culture coming on as someone new to the industry?

  • Everybody was welcoming and ready to be friends from day one! If you mess up, the worst thing that happens is you have to buy donuts for everybody…seriously.

What kind of tasks did you spend your early days on the team doing?

  • Mostly, I would follow the foreman, and he would get me started on a job and then check back later. I spent a lot of my first months hanging siding. You learn best by doing real work. You’re not just going to be picking up trash or going on coffee runs.

What are the self-improvement/advancement opportunities at Eby Exteriors like?

  • There are all different ways to move up, whether you want to work towards being a foreman or positions in the office like sales, estimating, or project management. Pretty much everybody in a leadership role worked in the field when they started.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about making the same career change as you?

  • If you enjoy working outside and you like the satisfaction of creating something for someone, it’ll be a good move for you.

What are your favorite jobs to do or favorite projects to tackle on a jobsite?

  • I love installing Marvin Signature windows. This is my nerdy side coming out, but there are all of these little features like the locking system and the screens that make them awesome. It’s just a great product. Honestly, the more technical a job is, the more fun it is.

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Personal Interest Questions

What kind of music do you like?

  • Mostly a lot of indie and alternative music like Florence and the Machine or Giant Rooks. I like some Deep House, like Lost Frequencies, and then some mainstream stuff like 21 Pilots.

What’s your favorite restaurant to take your family to?

  • Plaza Azteca or Rice and Noodles.

What’s the best movie or show you’ve seen lately?

  • I don’t watch a lot of movies — I watch more YouTube. I really like hunting content creators and DIY guys.

What are your hobbies?

  • DIY home improvement, hunting, and doing EMS.

Who’s your sports team?

  • LA Dodgers — my wife is from LA and they had Chase Utley for a while.

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