Eby Exteriors Employee Spotlight: Tim Martin

We always say that if you’re ready to work hard and learn on the go, you’ll have a bright future at Eby Exteriors. Our Lead Estimator Tim Martin’s story proves this to be true. Tim joined the install team in 2015 with zero experience, yet excelled at almost everything, eventually putting his imagination and careful planning to work in estimating. Hear his reflections on joining the team and how to grow at Eby Exteriors.

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Career Questions

How was the experience of coming aboard the Eby Exteriors crew with no experience?

  • First and foremost, the guys were great. I showed up every day with an attitude like I just wanted to learn and was willing to laugh at my mistakes — everyone was willing to teach me. Even though I was as green as you can get, everyone was willing to work with me, and they made me feel respected, too.

What was the experience of growing your career with Eby Exteriors like?

  • I started out up on a roof almost every day doing a lot of roof install. Then, I started working on deck construction and diving into that. Although those were my main two specialties, I got to see and work on almost every type of project. It was interesting to take notes on what the experts did and then take the tools to try it myself — while still getting expert feedback.

    Finally, I took what I had learned in the field and started working with the sales team. I joined Eby Exteriors because I wanted to learn construction and handyman skills. But I knew I wanted to do something that involved a lot of thinking, too. I’m a details person, and I wanted to put that to use.

How has Eby Exteriors as a company grown over the past few years?

  • The whole company is kind of moving in the same direction as I did. We started with a lot of more basic type projects, like roofing work, simple siding work, etc., but now we’re doing more and more intricate, complicated work. We’re doing a lot of really complex projects like covered patios, sunrooms, and other custom spaces. More and more, the projects we do now add a lot of beauty to people’s homes not just function.

As an industry veteran, what does Eby do differently?

  • The number one word I would use to describe what we’re doing differently at Eby Exteriors is integrity. The best feeling is walking away from a project knowing that we did a good job. We all want to be sure our work will stand solid for as long as the homeowner has it. As an estimator, I see a lot of work that has been done shoddy, because the other contractor cut corners. That’s something you’d never see from our projects.

What does that difference mean to you?

  • It means a lot. I’m a homeowner, too, and I’ve been bitten by less-than-quality work. Being an installer, I always felt good about what I was doing, because I was improving a place that someone lives, their space of comfort. As an estimator, I try to get creative by thinking of the highest value options that meet our clients’ wants and will suit their needs better than anything else.

What are the most creative elements of your job?

  • My job gets most creative when people want to do ornate work with siding, window trim, or detailed molding. Having to think through different ways to tackle their project and finding the right products is one of the most fun aspects of my job.

Why would someone want to work at Eby Exteriors — either if they’re brand new or a veteran?

  • First of all, the company culture. We have a really great group. Second, you’re doing work you can be proud of and you’re not just collecting a paycheck. Third, we do a lot of interesting jobs where you’re contributing to people’s homes and building something unique that really lasts.

Will there always be opportunities to grow, and is this a good place to do it?

  • This is a great place to find your niche. We do a lot of different work, and you’ll have the opportunity to find exactly where you excel. The company is absolutely growing, and there will be opportunities both in the field and in the office.

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Personal Interest Questions

What kind of music do you like?

  • I go between classic country, rap, and metal. Johnny Cash is a go-to for country, Bizzle is a rapper I like, and Haste the Day is definitely a favorite for metal or metalcore.

What’s the best movie or show you’ve seen lately?

  • I haven’t watched it too recently, but Band of Brothers is an absolute classic and a must-see for history buffs.

What’s your favorite restaurant to go to?

  • Floras in Lancaster. Try the El Bote Hundido.

What are your hobbies?

  • Hunting and reading are my main hobbies. I do muzzle loader hunting for deer. I love studying history, especially World War II (hence the Band of Brothers). If I can travel to a new place and visit something historical, that’s the best!

Who’s your sports team?

  • Eagles, first and foremost. I follow the Phillies a little bit, too.

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