10 Modern Stucco Color Ideas to Transform Your Home

stone and stucco color ideas

You get one chance to make a first impression. The stucco house color you choose can either make or break your home’s curb appeal – not to mention its potential resale value in the future!

Whether you’re looking for something classic or something a little more unexpected, there are dozens of home stucco color palettes for you to fall in love with.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore 10 popular stucco color ideas, as well as help you find the right stucco contractors near you to ensure a completely worry-free renovation. Stay tuned to learn more – or contact Eby Exteriors now for a free quote!


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Stucco is a type of plaster used to create a unique exterior finish on buildings. It’s a great option for those who want their house to look luxurious and stylish, as it comes in many different colors and textures. When you’re searching for the perfect stucco color idea for your house, consider these 5 bold options…

  1. Terracotta (Pink Champagne) – Ideal for Spanish or Southern styled exteriors, Terracotta is a home stucco color idea that adds a brilliant pop of pigment to any street! Terracotta stucco house colors pair extremely well with neutral-colored accents, like a gray roof or white shutters.
  2. Olive Green – It may take a bit of confidence to commit to an Olive green exterior, but the risk almost ALWAYS pays off! As one of the most unique stucco house colors out there, Olive green has a calming ambiance that radiates all the way across your lawn.
  3. Pebble Sand – A classic tan hue, Pebble Sand is a very popular stucco color idea for traditional style homes. The warm, inviting tones of this color create a “soft” look that pairs perfectly with modern entry doors and ample landscaping. Better yet, these stucco colors feature multiple hues in this range!
  4. Sage Green – For a cozier, cottage-inspired look, select a light green home stucco color reminiscent of nature. This versatile stucco color looks sleek on nearly any type of home from Colonial to Craftsman, and everything in between!
  5. Charming Blue – Looking to make a bold statement with your stucco color? Hues of blue are the perfect choice! Not only does it stand out against other homes, but it also looks great with classic, contemporary, modern, and minimalistic styles.


Modern Stucco Colors for a Classic Aesthetic

As a stucco remediation specialist for over 10 years, we know not everyone is ready to commit to something bright and bold. If you’re looking for a timeless stucco color idea that will age gracefully over the years, here are 5 modern colors perfect for any home…

  1. White – Crisp and clean, white stucco is the quintessential classic home color. Not only does it look beautiful on traditional style homes, but its bold neutrality also adds a modern twist to more contemporary architecture styles.
  2. Dark Gray – Perfect for a modern home, dark gray is a popular stucco color idea among homeowners looking to add sophistication and texture to their exteriors. The subtle shades of dark gray bring warmth to the atmosphere and make your home look inviting.
  3. BeigeA subtle, yet powerful color choice, beige is a home stucco color that never goes out of style. It looks nice with natural wood tones like oak and maple, as well as other natural elements like stone or brick! Plus, with so many shades of beige, you’re sure to find one you absolutely love!
  4. Light Gray – Give your home depth while keeping it neutral with this simplistic hue. Nothing says modern stucco colors like a contemporary light gray palette!
  5. Blue Gray – A perfect combination of two modern stucco colors, blue gray offers the best of both worlds. It carries a subtle hue that pairs well with any style home and is sure to become an instant favorite!

modern stucco and brick home exterior idea

Stucco Done Right

Many homeowners won’t consider a stucco finish on their home because they or one of their neighbors have had a bad experience with it – or they’ve simply heard stories of the many problems that stucco failure has caused. As stucco remediation experts, Eby Exteriors has encountered many such situations. And while product failure is sometimes the cause of the issues, the vast majority of problems associated with stucco are related to improper installation and water management techniques.

The fact is that you don’t have to be afraid of using stucco for your home’s exterior! When reputable, proven products are properly applied by craftsman that care, stucco provides a beautiful, long-lasting finish that any homeowner can be proud of!

Learn more about trusted stucco remediation from Eby Exteriors!


Beautiful Stucco Colors Expertly Installed by Eby Exteriors

If you’re ready to give your home the curb appeal it deserves, or simply want to explore more of these modern stucco color ideas, contact Eby Exteriors today. No matter if you need stucco remediation due to leaks or cracks, or you’re simply getting the stucco siding you’ve always wanted, we’ll help you find the perfect vibrant or modern stucco colors for your home and expertly install it!

Get ready to make a statement with an unforgettable exterior upgrade – choose Eby Exteriors now!

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