7 DIY Curb Appeal Ideas

diy curb appeal ideas

DIY is a beautiful thing. You don’t need to be a professional and you don’t need to drain the vacation fund to transform the look of your house. All you need is the right ideas and the time to get them done. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out 7 of our favorite DIY curb appeal ideas. Why are these our favorites? Because they can truly transform the vast majority of homes and are easy enough to attempt without any experience!

At Eby Exteriors, we’re a full-service home improvement contractor that helps our clients with large-scale improvements to their home, such as new siding, deck building, and replacement windows. While we think some jobs are best left to the pros, we always encourage clients and future clients to try their hand at DIY. In today’s blog, we’re showcasing some of our favorite DIY curb appeal ideas and front yard landscaping tips. Keep reading to find your next outdoor project!

Our Favorite Front Yard Landscaping Tips

front yard landscaping tips

You want a home exterior that showcases your sense of style — one that your neighbors admire when they’re out walking their dogs. Achieving that can be accomplished in a few afternoons and with a few trips to the hardware store. While making huge changes like upgrading your home siding will definitely turn heads — and should be trusted to experts — these easy front yard landscaping tips can make a huge impact:

  1. Refresh Your Mulch — Upgrading your mulch is one of the simplest yet most effective DIY curb appeal landscaping ideas. Replacing old, worn out mulch with a new coating will make your landscaping look sharper right away. Using a different style or color of mulch can also prove to be an eye-catching touch — red mulch in particular has been growing in popularity for this very reason.
  2. Place Some Planters — Well placed greenery can bring style to your home — and there are few better places for that greenery than in planters. Accessorizing your front porch or walkway with attractive planters creates a great pop of color during the spring and summer. Planters themselves come in multiple styles from the modern to the highly ornate, meaning you’re sure to find a pair that fits your aesthetic.
  3. Clean it Up — So far, color has been popular among our DIY curb appeal ideas. The only time you don’t want color is when your once-white or tan siding is turning green. Sometimes, washing your siding or your home’s facade can work wonders to make your exterior look brand-new.
  4. Wash the Walkway — Cleanliness goes a long way towards creating that attractive curb appeal. While freshening up the front is great, you can take it a step further and power wash the front porch or landing and the walkway leading up to them. Not only will this impress your guests, but it’s noticeable from the street — just like all of our DIY curb appeal ideas!
  5. Add House Numbers — This outdoor décor trend really shows how you can make a splash with something small. Adding bold metal numbers to the front of your house is aesthetically eye-catching and makes it easier to make sure your Amazon deliveries go to the right house.

    Want even more DIY? Check out our deck makeover ideas!
  6. Decorate with Stone Beds — Mulch might be classic, but stone makes a statement. An interesting front yard landscaping tip involves replacing traditional mulch with loose stones around your shrubbery or beds. This change can emphasize your plants in particular, while enhancing the look of your house as a whole.
  7. Update Your Front Door — A front door is a focal point for your curb appeal as it sits prominently in the center of your home. However, if your entry door has seen better days, you’re missing an opportunity to help your home stand out. Re-painting your door (whether it’s wood or metal) can provide a feeling of newness while incorporating an enticing splash of color.

Upgraded Entry Doors: The Style X-Factor

provia legacy entry door

While updating and enhancing your door can make an impression, replacing it with a brand new one is a curb appeal x-factor. Plus, if you still have the door that was installed when your house was built, it might be a bit out of date. You have more options than ever before, including the uniquely-styled craftsmen doors and ornate doors with beautiful glass patterns.

Trust us, if you get a new door, your neighbors will take notice — and they might even ask you where you got it. See the 5 leading entry door styles — and save when you schedule your install today!

Partner with Eby to Bring Your DIY Curb Appeal Ideas to Life

One of the best parts about DIY projects is getting to take your home into your own hands, building something you’re proud of on your own. However, it never hurts to have an expert partner waiting to back you up. So, when you’re trying out these DIY curb appeal ideas, remember that Eby Exteriors has your back for all of the big stuff.

Whether that’s the style x-factor of a new door or new gorgeous siding, we want to work with you! Reach out today to start the conversation!

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